17 February 2008

Yummy Bubbles!

James loves to get in the bath with Kirstyn who always takes bubble baths...the only problem is, James thinks it is great fun to EAT the bubbles. Kirstyn encourages it by laughing at him because she says he is pretending to be Santa! Too Funny.
I have to tell you a little about this little boy. He is fearless when it comes to the water. He used to love to sit by the bathtub and talk to sister while she took her bath but one day a few weeks ago, James decided he wanted to get in too. He was sitting on his knees on the step by the bathtub between me and daddy when all of a sudden he just launched himself forward and into the bathtub head first with all of his clothes on. When David and I pulled him out of the water (we had each grabbed a foot about the time he hit the water) he was spitting bubbles and water and laughing! ugh!!!! I almost wish that it had scared him at least a little. Anyway, guess he will be fearless like his big sister is. James' bathtub dive reminds me of Kirstyn two summers ago at the beach when she was jumping waves with my dad and kept insisting they go into the ocean deeper where the waves would hit her in the chest. My dad was letting her be adventurous and she was having a blast. Then a big wave came and knocked her down and all I could see was feet, head, feet, head and flashes of her bright pink bathing suit. When my dad pulled her back to her feet she was spitting sand and saltwater and she looked at my dad and said, "Wow, Pappy, that was fun! Let's do it again!". My dad promptly told her no, that it was time to build a sandcastle on the beach! Miss Fearless had worn her Pappy out for the day!
Guess James will love the beach this summer! Pray that God keeps my reflexes fast...looks like I am going to need them to keep my fearless children safe. Oh and these stories are just one more confirmation that we did the right thing when we had our pool removed from our back yard when Kirstyn was little!


Unknown said...

OMG that is too cut! Santa James! HA! Gavin does the same thing (Ben loves bubbles too!)

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Later Girl!

The Vandy's said...

hey natalie! i hadn't seen pics of james yet! he is too cute!!! it was fun to read and catch up...hope ya'll are doing well! i started a new blog also...in case you haven't seen it ....
:):) talk to you soon!