26 February 2008

What’s On Your Refrigerator? Meme

Okay, my darling friend Elaine over at The Miss Elaine-ous Life tagged me with this meme. So, ugh, brace yourself.....here is what my fridge looks like (and I just cleaned mine off a few weeks ago, so this is actually good for me.) I have to say, after looking at many of yours out there...I am a little embarrassed at how messy mine now looks to me.

I think I need to win the book Clutter's Last Stand that they are giving away over with this meme at Heart at Home! Okay, here is what you are seeing... at least 3 note pads, the leap frog letters game and the leap frog word whammer with lots of letters, several pictures and birth announcements, our food charts, my empty anniversary picture frame from MOPS (sorry Tracy...I'm not really using it yet, but at least I still have it!), Texas Ranger's Schedule, various magnets including some that spell out various Bible verses, my Weight Watchers "I lost 25 lbs" magnet, meat thermometer, red timer that we use for "naughty chair" time, a "Love Is..." cartoon my husband cut out of the newspaper for me, business cards (including some of my husband's for me to give to solicitors that come to our door), a Snow Doubt About It Christmas magnet that has lost his nose, and several other random things....

Okay, now I am supposed to tag five other bloggers and this will be hard since I am so new to the WORLD of blogging...I mean, I am approaching 300 posts for family and friends, but I just learned last week what a Meme even is! So, I am tagging my friends (1.)Tracy and (2.) Jenn who are also new to blogging and I don't know if they are ready for the WORLD of it yet...we will see if they decide to play. Also, I love looking at my friend (3.)Heather's cool pictures...maybe she will find a fun way to spin her refrigerator pictures! My friend (4.)Rebeka is also a photographer and is working on decorating her house so I can't wait to see her fridge! My last tag is to (5.)Lady Rose because she was the first person that commented on my first meme!

OKAY, now I have shown you mine....you have to show me yours! :-)
Oh and I hope I win that book because after looking at my picture, I really need it!


Anonymous said...

Good morning - I'll be sure get my meme response in the next couple days - have to snag my daughter to take a photo for me with her digital camera.

Health and Happiness

Angela DeRossett said...

Great photo for the meme!!

Anonymous said...

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