22 April 2010

Real Books or EBooks?

Happy Earth Day!

Last year on Earth Day I talked about how when you are eating healthy it is so much better for the earth as well as your body. I am still practicing that, probably even more so now because it is part of our lifestyle rather than a practice that I am struggling to implement. That feels good.

So this year I'm going to pose a question that for once doesn't have to do with diet and exercise. Ready? You over the shock? Good.

Do you have a kindle? I can't decide if I want one or not. Here's the deal. James is finally getting to an age where he can play alone or with his sister without my constant focus. That said, I am starting to read again. I love to read. My favorite things to read are fiction, especially series books where I can really get to know the characters. Lately, I have re-read the Twilight series for the THIRD time. I can't believe it either, I've never re-read books before, at least not like that! I re-read those like it is the first time all over again.

Knowing that about myself it bothers me to purchase books to only read them once or maybe twice and then try to store them in our already overflowing library or to sell them in a garage sale or at a used book store. I know I could use the library but I've never been a fan of the pressure of taking care of someone else's property. (Don't roll your eyes, I really do feel anxious when renting something or checking out a book. I worry about taking perfect care of it and with kids around it worries me even more.) I am also a little sicked out with the thought of curling up in my bed with a book that I don't know where its been. Or turning pages that someone else might have licked their finger to turn. Seriously, I realize I may need help but that is not the issue at hand!

Also I am also often buying books for Bible Studies that I am involved in so that I can underline and make notes. That is possible on the kindle and I wouldn't have to make the time to go to the book store or wait on it to ship. Kindle books are also some cheaper than book store books even with a coupon.

For Mother's Day I was planning to ask for several different books that I know I want to add to my library. One is a parenting one that I have been wanting for a while but the book store never has it when I think to look for it. I think it would be one I want to keep for reference. Anyway, now I am thinking about asking for a kindle but am torn on whether or not it is a worthy investment. Also, Amazon is often offering free books for the kindle. Books that I might enjoy reading but would probably never buy.

It also seems like the purchase of a kindle would save some trees too! I want to be kind to our earth in all areas of my life...

Please tell me, what do you think? Do you have an ebook reader?
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20 April 2010


For the past few days I have really been doing a lot of thinking about me and my weight loss stand still. I think that I still have about 10 pounds that I can loose and maintain once I get it off but for some reason unknown even to myself, I have not lost it. I think that I am starting to figure out why. I'm resistant to making changes that I'm unsure that I can maintain. I'm still not sure I'm ready and let's be honest, most of this battle with weight is won or lost in our heads way before the battle meets us in our kitchen or at the grocery store.

Last night I was talking to my friend Becky at the gym and I was telling her that for about the last year I have stopped being so strict on my calorie and points counting. I think subconsciously I had to prove to myself that I wouldn't gain all of the weight back like so many others I know have. She put it very simply, "you won't, you've changed your lifestyle too much." She's right. I have. And I'm not willing to change it back to the way it was because I feel like I am in a war right now to protect my children and their health!

Speaking of our children and their health, have you watched Food Revolution? Wow. I am so excited about this show and the education it is offering to America. Jamie Oliver has a petition online right now that you can sign that will help get better foods into the school cafeterias. This is so important. I've said over and over again that much of my weight problem was ignorance toward nutrition. I think kids will learn better when they are fed better. What do you think?


14 April 2010

Are you a Jewelry Junkie?

Well, are you? I think in some respects I would like to be, a Jewelry Junkie that is, but then I realize that I have a limited sense of style and too many choices would overwhelm me. Although, I find myself wishing for more to choose from. Silly, or not!?!?!

What about you?

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