25 October 2006

Big Announcement!

Well, here is our big announcement...we are pregnant! The baby is due on June 6, 2007; however, the doctor said yesterday that (s)he will probably be a May baby... I was induced 6 days early with Kirstyn and she still weighed in at 9 lbs 4 oz! There is not much that you can tell from an ultrasound this early, but the baby had a strong heartbeat so that is great news! More updates to come....

Click on the following link to learn more about what the baby is doing now...

10 October 2006

What a cute pose! Kirstyn was excited to take her picture with Patty and Snoopy! Posted by Picasa

Look how cute! This is what they looked like Sunday evening on the couch watching cartoons....looks like Patty is ready to get down...she doesn't like the camera and she spotted me before Kirstyn did! Posted by Picasa

Kirstyn couldn't wait to sit in the "Queen Chair" at Caden's birthday party. It was at Pump It Up and he got to sit in this chair to open his presents. Posted by Picasa

This picture makes me laugh! It looks like Kirstyn is really making an effort to get to know the goat! She was actually informing the goat that she found a pink brush in the bucket to brush her hair and that she needed to be still. :-) Posted by Picasa

We actually got a group shot with all the mommies thanks to Aunt Pandy meeting up with us at the arboretum for a little while! Posted by Picasa

What a fun time at the arboretum! The kids had a great time exploring everything...just look at the giant flower-pot tree house! Posted by Picasa

Playgroup went to the dallas arboretum. We had a great time and they had lots of great things to look at like this giant pumpkin shaped shrub! Posted by Picasa

Betty Sue got to come for a visit with us after she spent several days in Dallas for a convention with work. Kirstyn had a great time having a guest in the house. :-) Posted by Picasa