27 September 2006

Our family picture at the ballpark. Posted by Picasa

Barney Live! Posted by Picasa

Meeting Jay Jay the Jet Plane! Posted by Picasa

Kirstyn's First Day of School! She is attending two days a week at our church. She is really enjoying it! Posted by Picasa

Kirstyn and her cat Patty with Ashley, Heather, and Carol Ann. The girls all came in for a visit and some major back to school shopping. We had a great time! Posted by Picasa

Too funny! Kirstyn and Cooper wanted to be on the "Kiss Cam" so she planted one on him! Posted by Picasa

We went with Day, Michelle and Cooper Diaz to the Ranger game. Kirstyn and Cooper had a great time and even got game balls (thanks to Michelle's Aunt Debbie). Posted by Picasa

Our afternoon at Putt Putt. Kirstyn and Logan had a great time....all I remember is that it was VERY Hot! Posted by Picasa

2nd Cousins...Tresa, Amanda, Kenny, Logan, and Kirstyn Posted by Picasa

Kirstyn, Hailey, and Nelson...more 2nd cousins.  Posted by Picasa

Kirstyn and her new friend Sophie. Sophie is a couple of weeks older than Kirstyn and her family owns a week of condo that is the same as the one mom and dad have. Anyway, it will be fun to watch the girls grow up together as they see each other on vacation every year. Posted by Picasa

Kirstyn, Uncle Jimmy, and the "MUD BATH"! I'm not sure who started it, but they both had a good time putting sand all over! Posted by Picasa

Just thought this was a neat picture of Kirstyn and Aunt Neida Posted by Picasa

Helping Logan wash his feet! It was too funny because the water was a little cold and Kirstyn thought that she was in charge of the water hose! Posted by Picasa

On a mission! Kirstyn loved taking her toys down to the beach! Posted by Picasa

Kirstyn and Logan loved being at the Beach....Logan wanted to be burried in the sand...Kirstyn couldn't wait to help!!! Posted by Picasa

We took Logan and Kirstyn to the Texas State Aquarium...they had a great time. Posted by Picasa

26 September 2006

Natalie and Kirstyn riding the ferry across to Port A on vacation. Posted by Picasa

Riding the Ferry on Vacation Posted by Picasa

Happy 4th of July! Posted by Picasa

Arlington's 4th of July Parade Posted by Picasa

We were all dressed up for David's installation as Master of Ceremonies at the Arlington Masonic Lodge. Posted by Picasa

Go Rangers!

Kirstyn with her cousins Madelynn and Elise Dickey at the ballpark. Posted by Picasa

Patty is too funny....she is always finding strange places to rest! Posted by Picasa

We went to a science play place in Tyler, TX...too much fun! Kirstyn loved being "bugs". Posted by Picasa