17 February 2010

Anonymous No More

I have finally disabled anonymous commenting. I had left it open because I have a few friends (hi Alyson and Jennifer) that occasionally comment using that form but lately I have been getting some really strange things. I guess one of those auto spam devices found me. What about you, have you had to turn off the anonymous commenting? I really hope that I don't have to add that word verification thing. Ugh, I know that makes it a pain to leave a comment and I really do love all my commentors!


02 February 2010

Rethinking and Refocusing

Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are. ~Malcolm S. Forbes

When I saw this quote it just clicked with me. I think God has been trying to refocus me and I think this quote explains why!

I have really been dealing with thinking a lot about what we don't have right now, what I can't afford, what I don't look like, etc... you get the idea. Negative Nelly with Anger Issues would be a good way to describe me some days!

I need to remember and focus on what I DO have!
  • Two healthy and happy albeit somewhat sassy kids!
  • A handsome husband that loves ME!
  • A roof over my head.
  • Food to eat (even though lately it has been enough chicken and eggs that I should be clucking and laying my own!).
  • Friends that care about me.
  • Muscles! Muscles are pretty even though they are probably what is keeping me from reaching my goal weight at Weight Watchers.
  • and so many more...
A friend of mine that is battling breast cancer right now put something on Facebook last night that also has me thinking....

Courage is not the absence of fear, just the realization that there is something very important worth your focus.

Do you need to work on your 'focus' too?