24 August 2005

Back to the Doctor

Well, I went back to the doctor today and learned nothing new. I am so frustrated with this whole situation. I just need everyone to pray that I find a good doctor that is more interested in finding the cause of my "crohns" rather than just wanting to medicate me for life.

20 August 2005

Kirstyn and David decided to clean the outside of the new fish tank. Kirstyn is so excited about getting new fish. The tank has to run for several weeks to set the ecosystem to get it ready for corals. Posted by Picasa

Kirstyn got to meet Bella's new baby, Braiden. She was so loving to him! Posted by Picasa

Setting up the new salt water tank. Matt is mixing the salt and David is adding the water and Kirstyn is supervising! Posted by Picasa

Kirstyn had a good time at Ana Beth's 2nd Birthday party with the Circus theme. Posted by Picasa

We went down to Matt and Barb's so the girls could splash in the play pool and eat watermelon. As you can see, they are having a great time together. Posted by Picasa

Kirstyn and Bella demonstrating thier musical talent! Posted by Picasa

Kirstyn decided that she wanted to ride with baby too! Posted by Picasa

Aunt Gail gave me this little wagon to decorate my kitchen with, but Kirstyn and Baby are having too much fun with it right now. Posted by Picasa

Kirstyn is busy shopping at Matt's fish store. Posted by Picasa

Our Newest Project...

Our newest family project is our new 100 gallon salt water fish tank. David's cousin Matt owns a fish store in Dallas called Aquarium Trading Company. Kirstyn loves going to his store and seeing all of the fish. It really is a lot of fun to learn about all of the different animals available for the salt water aquarium. We are in the set up process right now so all we have is the tank, water, salt, and sand. We special ordered the stand for the tank so that we could get one that is only 24" tall rather than the standard 30". That way Kirstyn could see into the tank better and be able to be more involved. We are very excited and I'm sure there will be lots of pictures of us working on the tank in the near future.

Kirstyn and Bella...silly girls. Posted by Picasa

Bella's 2nd Birthday was Aug 3rd so Kirstyn got her a stick horse just like hers that Pappy had found for her. What a pair they are!!! Posted by Picasa

One morning Kirstyn talking Daddy into playing outside even before breakfast. PJs, messy hair and all.... Posted by Picasa

I wanted to try this effect...putting one picture on top of another one. Kind of neat. Anyway, David and I spent the last weekend of July at a marriage retreat with our Sunday School Class. We had a great time and as you can see the theme was Survivors...Commit, Commune, Communicate. It was nice to get away for a night and Kirstyn had a great time spending the weekend with Pappy and Dee Dee. Posted by Picasa

Barbara and I took Bella and Kirstyn to a sprinkler park here in Arlington for a little fun in the sun and water! The girls had a blast and loved the popsicles! Posted by Picasa

We had lots of fun at the Circus. Kirstyn loved seeing all of the animals up close before the show. Posted by Picasa

She finally got happy and let me cut her hair and of course started posing for Daddy to take her picture. Posted by Picasa

FIRST HAIRCUT! She was too funny. In this picture she is holding on to her hair and saying her favorite four letter word...MINE!!! Posted by Picasa

Our very silly girl! Playing dress up at the office! Posted by Picasa

Kirstyn, Trinity, and Kennedie really enjoyed shopping together! Posted by Picasa

For another playgroup we went to the Fort Worth Museam. Kirstyn loved playing in the Kidspace where you can do lots of pretend play. She loved the grocery store and picked out lots of fruits and veggies and cheese...all her favorites and then she got to check herself out and bag her groceries. Too much fun. Posted by Picasa

This is Carrie and her daughter Meghan. Meghan and Kirstyn are in the same Sunday School class at LABC. Notice how intently Kirstyn is working! She loves to do art...she really is a lot like her "Ann Nee" (Aunt Neida). Posted by Picasa

After vacation we joined playgroup for a day of art! Kirstyn painted a cross all by herself that I now proudly display on my living room wall! Posted by Picasa

Kirstyn had a great time with Tressa at the Beach. Tressa and Aunt Gail came out and spent the day with us and we had a great time! Posted by Picasa

Feeding the seagulls was really funny. Dee Dee had a hard time getting Kirstyn to share the biscuts! Kirstyn kept putting the biscuts in her mouth and laughing. We think she was enjoying taunting the seagulls. She did finally share with them and was excited about how close they got. Posted by Picasa

Kirstyn loved the dolphin show! She learned what a dolphin says ("e e-e-e-e") and she thought the whole time they were waving just at her. Pappy got her down on the front row and they had a blast! After the show we went down where you could see into the tank and the dolphin swam right by her. You can see in the picture that she and Pappy are right at the dolphin's face. :-) Posted by Picasa