11 November 2007

Scooby Comes to Kirstyn's 4th Birthday Party!

Kirstyn had a great 4th Birthday Party and was soooooo excited that Scooby made a guest appearace! This year I made her birthday cake and I made a jello Mystery Machine. I was pretty proud of how cute it all turned out. At the party the kids tie-dyed t-shirts (retro huh!) and had a great time eating and hanging out with Scooby!

09 November 2007

My New Nephew!

I am very proud of how cute Bryton's announcement turned out. I designed it in Photoshop Elements. I am learning to do new things like this and really enjoying the results. Oh and isn't my little nephew cute!!!This is my younger sister Neida with her husband Paul and the proud (and very sleepy) big brother Logan!

06 November 2007


When I rounded the corner coming back into the living room this morning...this is what I found. Kirstyn had asked to hold James for a minute so I took that opportunity to go to the restroom alone. Kirstyn was very proud to have been able to put him to sleep all by herself.