24 May 2006

Our New Meow!

Kirstyn is soooooo excited about her new MEOW named Patty. Kirstyn was too funny, when we asked her what to name her new kitty, she wanted to name her "Kirstyn". Then her second choice name was "Meow", so David decided to give her a few choices: Birdie (since she was found at MiMi and Grandpa's Country Club on a Tee Box) or Patty since we already have Snoopy at our house and she looks a little like Peppermint Patty. Kirstyn liked Patty! Guess all our future animals will get Charlie Brown names. Posted by Picasa

Kirstyn and Patty are already best friends! Posted by Picasa

Miss Patty

Meet Patty, our newest family member. Posted by Picasa

We took pictures of Carter, Kirstyn, and Logan out in the hay field. They were being too cute! Posted by Picasa

We were all in De Queen for Mother's Day and Mark took Kirstyn, Carter, and Logan on a 4-Wheeler ride. They all had a great time! Posted by Picasa

Kirstyn and Logan decided to test out DeeDee's pool. It was way too cold for any adults. Uncle Paul was really worried that he might have to go swimming to rescue the ever fearless Kirstyn. Kirstyn was too funny in her Nemo bathing suit DeeDee got her. She kept getting out to dry out Nemo's eyes! Posted by Picasa