01 October 2010

OutLast, 4 Kids and a Roadtrip!

It's a germy, germy world out there and unfortunately, life doesn't take place in a bubble! Our families come into contact with literally millions of germs every day. Just think about all the things you touch daily like your cell phone, computer keyboard, shopping cart and even your own purse! (moment of silence to try to figure out how to get rid of that scary mental image!)And not to mention my kids and the germs they seek out to bring into contact with me!

Today we really tested out the OutLast with a road trip with my sister, her two kids (ages 2 and 1 month), and my husband and our two kids (ages 6 and 3)! With stops at gas stations and getting in and out of the car and then finally arriving at the farm I was thrilled to have a bottle of OutLast in my purse and one in my sister's purse. Just look at how happy these kids are now that we have arrived at the farm. And trust me there is nothing on their faces that says they have time to stop and wash their hands! At least we have them all doused with the OutLast long lasting hand sanitizer.

MomSelect has partnered with OutLast™ Long-Lasting Hand Sanitizer to remind families about the importance of hand hygiene. Unlike leading hand sanitizers that work for only two minutes, OutLast™ Hand Sanitizer kills germs on contact and can control germs for up to 6 hours. OutLast™ Hand Sanitizer works longer because of its unique patented formula that was originally developed for hospital use. Now, that's exciting news to share with any mom! You can learn more about it by visiting www.outlastgerms.com/moms Outlast is now available at select Albertsons grocery stores throughout Texas and Louisiana.


17 September 2010

Webkinz Jr.

Thanks to MomSelect and Webkinz Jr. I got to host a playgroup at my house that included goodies to give away to my friend's kids! We already love Webkinz at our house so I was anxious to see if WebkinzJr would live up to the name. They do!!!

James was over the top excited to help me stuff the goodie bags! Each one had a Webkinz Jr stuffed animal with a code to activate on the website to make their animal come alive. There was also a CD with some fun kids songs and a coloring book to put in the great reusable shopping bags.

James picked out his puppy and then anxiously awaited the arrival of his friends so that they could pick out there animals! James' buddy, Nate, also picked out the puppy. Then sweet Allie picked out the pink elephant. Jackson got the grey cat and both Christian and Chance loved the giraffe. A few of our friends weren't able to make it but they will be getting their sweet Webkinz Jr plushes. We had a great time playing with our animals and coloring in our coloring books.

James was so excited about naming and activating online his Webkinz Jr. See, he has watched big sister play with her Webkinz and he understood the fun that was in store! I was so excited to find how easy it was for him to navigate the website on his own. He is loving logging in each day to find out what the letter and number of the day are! Then he loves the games in the museum where he can work a dinosaur puzzle "all by himself".

James LOVES his WebkinzJr that he lovingly named Puppy Norley after himself. He has not let him out of his site in a week! And he begs to log on each day to check on his "website". I love that it has turned out to be a great tool for bribing my kid learning!

Do you love Webkinz at your house? If you have a child between the age of 3 and 6 then I highly recommend that you try WebkinzJr!

*Disclaimer: NO MONEY was given to me, just the goodies to pass out to my friends. My opinion is my own.


24 August 2010

I Submitted MY Story

I saw this blog post and decided that I needed to send in my story. There is also a chance to win some Body Pump workout clothes so that is a major bonus!
Thought I would share what I sent in with you. Let me know what you think!

How BodyPump has changed me:

When I joined the gym and started taking classes I didn't actually believe that I could make changes to my body that would be visible. I mean, I had been overweight my entire life! I weighed 186 lbs in the 5th grade and was over 200 lbs by the 7th grade. I had not weighed less than 200 lbs since. I actually started out taking only Body Step. When I finally got to where I could keep up (with just the step, no risers and low impact options), I decided to add other classes. Next, I tried Body Attack and fell in love with that instructor. She believed that I could do it way more than I believed that I could do it. Then I found out that she also taught Body Pump, so I got brave and tried that class. I fell in love with Body Pump. I could do it, I could keep up, AND I was finally seeing real changes in my body. I was taking Body Pump twice a week and eventually moved up to three times per week. I was challenging myself and started working to increase the weight that I was putting on my bar. I made up my mind that I would increase my bar weight in at least one track per week and no matter what, I would stick with that weight and keep getting stronger. A year later I had dropped a grand total of 80 lbs from my body and I was out lifting almost every Body Pump instructor at the gym! Then everyone started saying that I should become an instructor. See, I had started challenging the people around me. I was encouraging them and I was bringing friends. That Body Attack / Body Pump instructor that first believed in me was still pushing me and challenging me. She finally approached me and encouraged me to sign up for her next Body Pump training. (She is Jaime Maddox, Body Pump Master Trainer). So, I decided that IF she believed that I could complete the training then I would believe it too. I attended training in January of this year and trained on Body Pump 72. I am now a Body Pump instructor at the same gym where less than 3 years ago I was in the back corner trying to blend in with the wall. Oh and since I am teaching now, I could really use some of the new Body Pump clothes!!! Thanks for giving me the chance to share my story.

Also, here is a blog post I wrote about my Body Pump training experience:http://daviddickeyfamily.blogspot.com/2010/01/stronger.html

I was also featured in the local paper back before I went to training:http://daviddickeyfamily.blogspot.com/2010/01/me-featured.html

What do you think?

I probably could have written my story better but I basically waited until the last minute to submit my story. Sigh. That is the story of my life...
Cross your fingers that I win the drawing!
What do you think? Is there something that has had lasting effects on your life like Body Pump has changed mine?


12 August 2010


I've mentioned before that I enjoy reading, particularly fiction. The part that I enjoy is escaping to another time and place far far away from the stress in my reality. Getting the gift of a Nook has even increased this love of reading for me. Now I can fall asleep reading and I don't have to figure out where I left off because my Nook just goes to sleep too. I also don't have to worry about a certain little someone that likes to pull my bookmark out of my book and bring it to me
with a very proud look on his face and say, "Mommy, I found this for you, it was lost in that book over there."

Anyway, my favorite series this summer has been the Hunger Games trilogy (well the first two anyway, the third comes out later this month). It is a series by Suzanne Collins that is published by Scholastic. I happened to notice that there was a Hunger Games Official page on Facebook, so I Liked it and have been following blogs and discussions. They are even doing a district tour around 13 blogs, all with fabulous prizes up for grabs. Just the other day I got an email that I had won a Mockingjay pin and a copy of Catching Fire. I think my odds are good because this is a series for "youth" and most of the sites require you to be over 18 to enter to win. Yeah me.

So, if you haven't read the Hunger Games yet then you need to. If you have read it then I'm curious, who is your favorite character?


21 July 2010

A Good Good Day

Let me tell you a story about the best day that I have had in a while! It might as well have been Mother's Day or my Birthday or something, but it wasn't and that's what made it an even better day. There were no expectations, just surprises.... for ME!

First, my mother in law and I went shopping at Ross. I found like 6 simple summer dresses (you know, its summer year round here in Texas!). I had fun shopping too. Shocking. But, it is actually pretty fun when you can try on size medium dresses and they actually fit and look good.

Then, David brought the kids over to the office to see me and they had a NOOK for me to open. David's mom had given him the assignment of taking the kids to buy it for me. They even picked me out a case for it that has a space for me to put in a picture of them! Here's the picture I'm using... cute huh?

On my way home from work David suggested that I just feed the kids sandwiches or something simple for dinner and he would take care of our dinner. I thought that would mean that he was going to go grab some takeout. Nope, the next thing I knew our doorbell rang and there stood one of my favorite babysitters! He was taking me out! We went to the Studio Movie Grill to eat and see Inception. It was a really good movie and I enjoyed having to actually think...

So, now you know all about my good good day. And, it was just another Tuesday when I woke up!

How are you? It's been a long time...


21 June 2010


I haven't really written much about James and I wanted to make sure I shared this...

My little guy is often told:
"You sure are pretty for a boy."
"You are just too pretty."

He has recently started responding:
"I NOT pretty, I James!"
"My eyes pretty."

I love this kid. He makes my day a happy place! Just today David asked for a hug from "my big boy" and James responded, "I momma's big boy....... I momma's boy, I momma's boy!"

Thank you God for my boy!


08 June 2010

I need to...

Focus on the positive instead of the negative.
Let go and let God.
Trust more and worry less.
Figure out exactly what I need to be doing at work.
Clean my house.
Track all of the points that I am putting into my mouth.
Get a really good night of sleep.

What do you need to do?

P.S. Your prayers are appreciated. There is much stress right now in our lives.


17 May 2010

Fat Self to Skinny Self

Have you been watching The Biggest Loser?

Last Tuesday night it was the episode where the now thin contestants watch a video that they made for themselves when they first began this weight loss journey. It was pretty emotional for the contestants to actually see how far they had come. I was watching wondering why I never bothered to make a video for my future self. I think I never made the video because I never actually believed that I would ever lose the weight and keep it off.... yet here I am weighing less than I weighed in the 5th grade. And even more exciting than that, I am a certified Body Pump instructor. Wonder what challenge I will take on next?

Oh and my other Biggest Loser comment.... Why will they not buy those women decent sports bras. They have them running sprints on the treadmill and their boobs look like they might knock them out any minute. Ridiculous!!!

Thoughts? Do you wish some version of your past self had made a video for your future self? Maybe I will make one now to watch in 5 or 10 years...


04 May 2010

Drumroll Please

I am excited to announce that Random.org picked comment #2 as the winner! Congrats Stacie, you will soon be the proud owner of one of The Jewlery Junkie's amazing pieces! Please email me your mailing address and choice of initial.

Sorry the winner announcement was a few days late. I had laptop trouble yesterday and a sick kid this weekend and on top of that my allergies have been trying to kill me. How have you been?


22 April 2010

Real Books or EBooks?

Happy Earth Day!

Last year on Earth Day I talked about how when you are eating healthy it is so much better for the earth as well as your body. I am still practicing that, probably even more so now because it is part of our lifestyle rather than a practice that I am struggling to implement. That feels good.

So this year I'm going to pose a question that for once doesn't have to do with diet and exercise. Ready? You over the shock? Good.

Do you have a kindle? I can't decide if I want one or not. Here's the deal. James is finally getting to an age where he can play alone or with his sister without my constant focus. That said, I am starting to read again. I love to read. My favorite things to read are fiction, especially series books where I can really get to know the characters. Lately, I have re-read the Twilight series for the THIRD time. I can't believe it either, I've never re-read books before, at least not like that! I re-read those like it is the first time all over again.

Knowing that about myself it bothers me to purchase books to only read them once or maybe twice and then try to store them in our already overflowing library or to sell them in a garage sale or at a used book store. I know I could use the library but I've never been a fan of the pressure of taking care of someone else's property. (Don't roll your eyes, I really do feel anxious when renting something or checking out a book. I worry about taking perfect care of it and with kids around it worries me even more.) I am also a little sicked out with the thought of curling up in my bed with a book that I don't know where its been. Or turning pages that someone else might have licked their finger to turn. Seriously, I realize I may need help but that is not the issue at hand!

Also I am also often buying books for Bible Studies that I am involved in so that I can underline and make notes. That is possible on the kindle and I wouldn't have to make the time to go to the book store or wait on it to ship. Kindle books are also some cheaper than book store books even with a coupon.

For Mother's Day I was planning to ask for several different books that I know I want to add to my library. One is a parenting one that I have been wanting for a while but the book store never has it when I think to look for it. I think it would be one I want to keep for reference. Anyway, now I am thinking about asking for a kindle but am torn on whether or not it is a worthy investment. Also, Amazon is often offering free books for the kindle. Books that I might enjoy reading but would probably never buy.

It also seems like the purchase of a kindle would save some trees too! I want to be kind to our earth in all areas of my life...

Please tell me, what do you think? Do you have an ebook reader?
Also, go enter my giveaway!


20 April 2010


For the past few days I have really been doing a lot of thinking about me and my weight loss stand still. I think that I still have about 10 pounds that I can loose and maintain once I get it off but for some reason unknown even to myself, I have not lost it. I think that I am starting to figure out why. I'm resistant to making changes that I'm unsure that I can maintain. I'm still not sure I'm ready and let's be honest, most of this battle with weight is won or lost in our heads way before the battle meets us in our kitchen or at the grocery store.

Last night I was talking to my friend Becky at the gym and I was telling her that for about the last year I have stopped being so strict on my calorie and points counting. I think subconsciously I had to prove to myself that I wouldn't gain all of the weight back like so many others I know have. She put it very simply, "you won't, you've changed your lifestyle too much." She's right. I have. And I'm not willing to change it back to the way it was because I feel like I am in a war right now to protect my children and their health!

Speaking of our children and their health, have you watched Food Revolution? Wow. I am so excited about this show and the education it is offering to America. Jamie Oliver has a petition online right now that you can sign that will help get better foods into the school cafeterias. This is so important. I've said over and over again that much of my weight problem was ignorance toward nutrition. I think kids will learn better when they are fed better. What do you think?


14 April 2010

Are you a Jewelry Junkie?

Well, are you? I think in some respects I would like to be, a Jewelry Junkie that is, but then I realize that I have a limited sense of style and too many choices would overwhelm me. Although, I find myself wishing for more to choose from. Silly, or not!?!?!

What about you?

How would you like to have one more piece in your repertoire?

You are in luck. My friend Shelby wants to offer my readers a chance to win a Glass Bubble Soldered Initial Pendant with your choice of initial! Are you interested?


All you have to do is visit her store http://www.thejewelryjunkieonline.com/ and leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite item is! For an extra entry help me spread the word about my giveaway through twitter, facebook, and/or your blog and leave me a comment with a link proving you shared!

In other good news, Shelby is offering all of my readers a chance to order from her store for 10% off your entire purchase from now until April 30th. Her prices are already great so this is a special treat. Just enter the coupon code STYLE at checkout!

I will announce the winner of this giveaway on April 30th. Don't forget to make sure that I have a way to contact you! I will choose the winner using a random number generator. Also, this giveaway is open to both US and Canada! Good LUCK!


26 March 2010

Protein Pancakes

I decided to give a new recipe for protein pancakes a try that I found on Healthy Food Ideas for Kids. I made some changes and am totally in love with these!

The picture is of ONE batch:

1/2 cup dry oatmeal
1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese
1/2 cup liquid egg whites
splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk or water
packet of splenda
dash of salt

Blend well or just until the oats disappear and it looks like batter. Cook on griddle like normal pancakes. I found that they need to cook a little cooler than regular pancakes so that they will cook all the way through.

This makes for one big plate full of low calorie protein pancakes (about 290 calories, 5 g fiber, 30 g protein)! I ate mine with 1/4 cup sugar free Mrs. Butterworths syrup (20 calories).

These were really really good. I was surprised by how much I liked them. Leave out the splenda and add a little pepper and they would make good sandwich wraps! Mine ended up in several sizes because I didn't realize how far the batter would go and I was hungry and impatient and wanted them all done asap.

Let me know if you try them! Enjoy...


01 March 2010

My Julie Story

I believe that everyone I encounter should have the opportunity to see Jesus. I believe this is possible because of my friend Julie. Everyone that encountered her got a glimpse of her Jesus. On Friday, Julie was completely healed and got to meet our Jesus face to face in heaven. She will be sorely missed here on earth.
I met Julie in 1997 at LABC where I started attending church when I moved to Texas to go to college. She was very kind to me. Then in Jan 1998, I was looking for a job and she was looking for someone to train to take her current job so that she could move into another job. I was that person. She helped me to get a job at the daycare where she was working. Soon, many of the ladies that worked there became my family away from my family. I met Angela there, she later became one of my roommates and was one of my bridesmaids in my wedding. I also met Daria there. Daria is still a great friend and her family is an extension of my own! I made lots of close friends while working there that are still close friends today.
Julie's husband Mark worked with the youth at LABC. I spent much of my free time helping with the youth Bible Study and with youth Discipleship groups. Our friendship grew. Then Mark took a full time position as the College Minister. David and I were in that college department but were soon married and promoted to young married Sunday School. Later Mark and Julie followed God's call and planted a new church in Arlington. Their ministry reaches far and has touched many lives.

Last year Kirstyn and Julie's daughter Addi took dance together. It was so much fun seeing Julie on a regular basis again. Julie even in these short encounters made quite an impression on my Kirstyn.
When we sat down to tell Kirstyn that Addi's mommy had gone to heaven we were unsure of the reaction we would get. After all, it wasn't that long ago that we were having a simular conversation about Bryn's mommy. Kirstyn teared up and said, I know Addi is sad. Then she stopped and said, Mommy, we were praying that Addi's mommy would feel better and that her cancer would go away so that she would not be sick anymore. Then she paused..... then an amazing amount of wisdom came out of her 6 year old body.... She said, "In Heaven she feels perfect! She's not sick anymore. I bet she gets to wear a really pretty crown!" The as she kept talking she said, "you know, Addi's mommy loved me too. She always gave me hugs." See what I mean, everyone she encountered also encountered her Jesus.

Sunday night we went to visitation. We stood in line for more than 30 minutes to sign the book and then another 30 minutes to hug Mark. Last night we attended a Celebration Service to worship Jesus and remember Julie. There had to be more than a thousand people there. She loved and touched lives. The people that spent time with her were better because of it. When we walked in, we were handed a picture of Julie and her family that simply had one verse on it. Isaiah 26:8, YES LORD, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts. I think the first time I really understood that verse was at Passion when Louie Giglio preached about how if we would just say YES LORD, then in everything we would find ourselves in HIS will. I'm pretty sure that Julie and I were sitting next to each other during that sermon. (This picture was taken at Passion!)
Like Ed said last night, Christianity is not slot machine religion, you shouldn't put a little in and hope to win the jackpot. It is a life where you believe and go ALL IN! Julie went all in and challenged those around her to do the same.... say YES, LORD.

Thank you Julie for being the ultimate realist! You were someone who believed that God really who He says He is and that the true reality of this life is to follow Him wholeheartedly!


17 February 2010

Anonymous No More

I have finally disabled anonymous commenting. I had left it open because I have a few friends (hi Alyson and Jennifer) that occasionally comment using that form but lately I have been getting some really strange things. I guess one of those auto spam devices found me. What about you, have you had to turn off the anonymous commenting? I really hope that I don't have to add that word verification thing. Ugh, I know that makes it a pain to leave a comment and I really do love all my commentors!


02 February 2010

Rethinking and Refocusing

Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are. ~Malcolm S. Forbes

When I saw this quote it just clicked with me. I think God has been trying to refocus me and I think this quote explains why!

I have really been dealing with thinking a lot about what we don't have right now, what I can't afford, what I don't look like, etc... you get the idea. Negative Nelly with Anger Issues would be a good way to describe me some days!

I need to remember and focus on what I DO have!
  • Two healthy and happy albeit somewhat sassy kids!
  • A handsome husband that loves ME!
  • A roof over my head.
  • Food to eat (even though lately it has been enough chicken and eggs that I should be clucking and laying my own!).
  • Friends that care about me.
  • Muscles! Muscles are pretty even though they are probably what is keeping me from reaching my goal weight at Weight Watchers.
  • and so many more...
A friend of mine that is battling breast cancer right now put something on Facebook last night that also has me thinking....

Courage is not the absence of fear, just the realization that there is something very important worth your focus.

Do you need to work on your 'focus' too?


19 January 2010


As it turns out, I am much stronger and more capable of pushing myself physically than I EVER believed was possible! I had a great weekend. I pushed past walls that I didn't even know existed when it comes to exercise. I learned even more about being an encourager. I was pushed to my breaking point physically. Friday night after 9 hours of training when I was beyond hungry (even though we had been given short breaks for eating while listening) and beyond exhausted, I was nervous about the next day and regretting ever registering for the Body Pump training. I had to refocus and decide that I was going to learn, about the program, but more importantly about myself. I studied most of the night for the next day. I was prepared even though I didn't feel like I was for the next onslaught of pain. I had lots of "ah ha" moments. It was exhilarating and emotional. I am so much more capable than I thought.

Now that it is over, I am thrilled that I went through the weekend. I still have to team teach and prepare a video for further evaluation before I get to actually teach or sub a class, but that is okay, I'm in no rush. I'm thankful for the experience.

Our neighbor wrote the following in an email to his men's Bible Study group after talking with David a few weeks ago. A few of the details about the training were lost in translation from person to person but the point of the message is still there. I thought it was very provoking and worth sharing. Please take the time to read it and share your thoughts!!!

Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives' tales; rather, train yourself to be godly. For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. 1 Tim 4:7-8

I had conversation with my next-door neighbor the other night while our daughter's respectively where doing their thing in Upwards Cheer practice that sparked today’s thought.

His wife is leaving next weekend with a few other women to undergo a certification process that will qualify her to instruct various aerobic and weight training classes at the gym. He was describing the intensity of the weekend and the number of times she would have to perform the various regiments to ensure she had proficiency in them.

She would even be video taped and critique over her performance by other master trainers. In all, it would be a very intense weekend and what she was told was that, after the numerous workouts, she would barely be able to walk.

The conversation segued into matters pertaining to Christianity and the processes (or lack thereof) within our ranks to certify future trainers as well as the exercise of personal spiritual discipline necessary for growth.

It seems in most areas of life not related to our Christianity (if there are such areas-everything should be related to our Christianity) we accept the level of training we must submit to in order to achieve some level of certification. However, when it comes spiritual training we hand out free passes like cotton candy at the county fair.

I know not everybody enjoys working out, it is just not your thing, but the application holds. Perhaps because we have been told its all about ‘grace’ so much, and / or that works are not necessary for salvation (both of which in their own right are true as all get out), but… it is undeniable and an unarguable fact that we grow or benefit in proportion to the effort we put into something. Second, the church should be the pace setter when it comes to personal spiritual development and the training of future leaders. As we have the greatest charge and most solemn responsibility in carry the gospel to this generation, we should not shy away from imposing tough standards and holding people accountable. The secular market and professional athletes and the like should be taking lessons from us, not us from them.

We should, absolutely strive to be the best in our profession and industry, but we should also and even more-so strive to be like Christ in every facet of our life.

Get Connected, Stay Connected
Paul Blankenship


Do you have a barrier that is keeping you from something better for yourself? Approach it with confidence and break through it! If you believe in yourself then others around you will believe in you too!


15 January 2010

My Incredible Wife...

Hello, blogging world!! I know it is a surprise for y'all who read my wife's blog religiously regularly to see me write on here. But it's okay, I have permission! :-)

You see, my wife is spending this glorious weekend in Bossier City, LA with some friends. I know what y'all are thinking, but no...she is not gambling, although there is some risk/reward, tears and sweat involved. No, my wife is exercising the weekend away. She went with 3 of her friends to start the process of BodyPump certification, so they can potentially lead BodyPump classes at the Gold's Gym by our house. One of those friends is the Master Trainer, the one who trains the trainers. The other three (my wife included) are going to be under her leadership, and will learn the tracks and moves to hopefully, eventually, lead their own BodyPump classes. There are several more steps to follow once this training is done, but this will be the first, main step they have to finish.

This will be a LONG weekend for them. 12pm-9pm today, 8pm-5pm on Saturday, and 8pm-5pm on Sunday - 27 hours of non-stop, intense, physical training! I don't know if I would live through that beating wonderful exercise. But she will. I know she will, because she is my incredible wife...my Wonder Woman! And I am very proud of her.

If you think about her this weekend, please pray for her that she would be able to make it through the pain, and be able to get enough rest. I love you, sweetheart. Kick some butt!!

David Dickey

12 January 2010

Me Featured

Are you wondering why I have a photo of our gym group fitness room here on my blog? Check out the picture.... one of these things is not like the other.... do you see him? Do you see the photographer with the big camera pointed at me?

Now are you wondering why? Glad you asked.

One of David's friends from High School, Christy, noticed my changes in his family facebook pictures and asked him if it would be okay to contact me about an article she was writing for the January Dallas Morning News. David passed on the message and I agreed to the email interview. Christy asked me lots of questions about my motivations, results, and more when it comes to going to the gym. I happily answered her questions.

Then she contacted me after writing her article and said that her editor liked the story and wanted to include a picture of me working out. Agh!!! Terror set in, after all, I'm usually the one taking the pictures not being the subject of them! I was soooooo nervous the morning of the "photo shoot". I was also shocked by how many pictures he took. He stayed for the ENTIRE one hour class just clicking away. I bet he took 700+ pictures.... of me.... sweating! I am so glad that my gym buddy Lisa grabbed her iPhone and took a picture of me getting my picture taken. That is good blog material after all.

It isn't the picture that I would have chosen but the article is very good.


11 January 2010


Last night David and I got to go out on a date for our anniversary. We went out to eat at Chuy's (very good by the way) and then went and saw Sherlock Holmes (pretty clever movie). Anyway, when David was paying the server for our dinner he immediately picked up the receipt and was looking at it and starting to fold it and put it in his wallet. The server got concerned and asked if everything was okay on our ticket. David said yes. Then the server said, oh well, I never see anyone pick that up unless there is something wrong. I just laughed!!!

This incident made me think of something very funny that happened right before Christmas. Kirstyn had gotten to go shopping at her school in the Penguin Shop, a shop powered by PTA, for her family for Christmas. She had spent time wrapping our gifts and making cards. She was really 'getting' Christmas.... Then she came down from her room with yet another package that she had wrapped all by herself. It had a label that said, to: daddy, I love you, Kirstyn. I knew she hadn't purchased anything else so I asked her what she had made for him. She grinned really big and said, I know Daddy will love this gift. It is his favorite thing to collect. I was still confused.......

then she told me, "It's a RECEIPT!" Daddy collects them and he will love it!

So true, Daddy does love to collect his receipts. Such a thoughtful girl!


08 January 2010

Time to Jiggle and Shiver!

Remember last year when I ran (read jogged) my first ever 5K? It was the perfect race for me to participate in because it is in fact called the Jiggle Butt Run!

This year I offered to volunteer to help with the race. I will be standing (read freezing) at the 2 mile mark with a timer and walkie talkie. The race benefits the Safe Haven of Tarrant County Women's Shelter. It is a great cause and the organizers of this race are some pretty amazing women! Last year there was a record participation of about 500 runners. This year there are over 1,200 pre-registered participants! They have also introduced a 1K for the 12 and under crowd called the Wiggle Butt Run. Too cute, huh?

It is so amazing and very exciting to be a part of this event, but this week Texas is experiencing RECORD COLD! I know for my northern friends reading this you are thinking that the cold we are experiencing is not actually cold but I need to explain something to you.... See no one here has the appropriate clothing for these temperatures! And to make matters worse I'm pretty sure that our blood is thinner so that we can physically survive our summers! I mean last year I ran (read jogged) the race in shorts! I need for y'all to be praying that God will turn up the heat here.... at least for Saturday!


07 January 2010

Hiatus Explained

"Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self." ~Cyril Connolly

So, the other day I was wondering why I wasn't blogging anymore. Actually, David had asked me if I missed it and I couldn't really answer him because I hadn't put much thought into it. Anyway, I'm a multitasker so I was also watching an old episode of Criminal Minds and folding laundry (that is seriously the task that never ends....) and when the episode ended they ended it with the Cyril Connolly quote, "Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self." Suddenly something in my head just clicked. I backed it up so that I could write it down! I knew why I hadn't been blogging.

I had gotten caught up on how many people were visiting my blog. I was making an effort to comment on every. single. post. that I read so that maybe just maybe that person would return the visit. I was adding more and more blogs to my reader. I was making what used to be a fun way for me to share pictures and thoughts into work. I was not actually interested in doing any more "work". So, I took a big step back without even realizing it. I logged out of my reader and did other things with my free time. I only updated my blog on occasion because I would get an email from BlogHer telling me that they were going to pull their ads if my blog remained "dead". I wanted to want to blog... does that make sense? So, I kept putting in a little effort.... but the thing is, I tend to be an all or nothing kind of girl. Half a$$ blogging wasn't making me happy either.

Now, I'm back to sharing my heart and talking about my joys and my struggles. I am enjoying myself. Thanks for sticking with me. Thanks for encouraging me!

Next is the daunting task of cleaning out and up my google reader. When I first logged back in it said 1000+ unread posts! What?!?!? I've marked most as "read" and moved on. Many of those bloggers probably haven't even noticed my absence. I also need to make sure that I am actually reading some of your blogs because if you are making the time to encourage me then I want to be able to return the favor. I would rather develop several close friendships here in blog land than end up with tons of 'no value added' comments! Some of you are VERY important to me and I hope that you know that!

I hope that I haven't just offended any of you. Just thought that I should share where I have been... you know, other than buried in the never ending pile of laundry!


05 January 2010

Nine Years

Nine Years ago today (January 6, 2001) I married my best friend! Wow, that sentence makes me sound old. Thing is I think that I 'felt' older on my wedding day than I do today.

I just love these pictures of David and I. They were taken by Paul Knudsen at David's networking group Christmas Party. I didn't know we would be in pictures or I might have made some effort with my makeup... but the truth is, this is me, this is us and I love it!
I also love that I can say that I definitely have not "let myself go!" Here are some pictures that David scanned for me from our wedding day. I think we may have to renew our vows at some point so that I can wear a simple white silk gown that I can for sure say will NOT be a size 22 like my original wedding dress was!

I know for sure that David loves me for me. I cannot express how grateful I am that he has been open to me changing me and in the process making lots of changes for our family. He could have dug his heels in and been resistant to my changes. He could have determined that I am for sure not who he married. Instead, he chose to come with me on this journey to a better us! Some days he has led me, some days he has pushed me, but every single day he has supported me and has loved me for who I am.... and for that I will be forever grateful!

David, thanks for loving me even before I loved me!
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Because Inquiring Minds...

Since at least one of you asked...

I still have to lose (as of today) 5.2 pounds to make lifetime at Weight Watchers. Yes, that is the very top of my "healthy weight" bracket. And yes, my fat percentage is already in a "healthy" zone. And yes, my size 4 jeans are stretchy but they don't leave any marks which is more than I could say about my size 20 jeans that I wore into Weight Watchers. I literally had a rash around my middle from where my jeans rubbed. I was well on my way to switching to all elastic clothes when I made up my mind that something HAD to change! I will never regret that decision to try!

I can't believe that there are still so many of you out there supporting me and reading my blog!!! I thought for sure that most of you were long gone after my blogging hiatus! I love your comments. I think I might have to print some of them out and tape them to my bathroom mirror. Seriously. Thanks!

I really needed today to catch up from Christmas "Vacation" but instead I am playing choo choo and wiping snot because James has another ear infection and had to stay home from school today. I had to add this picture of the little man being caught eating some of my birthday cake after everyone had finished and left the table. He decided that he needed another bite and snuck back to the table (yes, he got himself a fork out of the drawer!) and helped himself! I love this uh oh look on his face! Seriously, those eyes save his life over and over!

Oh and I have no idea why blogger is jacking with my spacing.... ugh! Wish I had time right now to figure it out!!!