05 January 2010

Because Inquiring Minds...

Since at least one of you asked...

I still have to lose (as of today) 5.2 pounds to make lifetime at Weight Watchers. Yes, that is the very top of my "healthy weight" bracket. And yes, my fat percentage is already in a "healthy" zone. And yes, my size 4 jeans are stretchy but they don't leave any marks which is more than I could say about my size 20 jeans that I wore into Weight Watchers. I literally had a rash around my middle from where my jeans rubbed. I was well on my way to switching to all elastic clothes when I made up my mind that something HAD to change! I will never regret that decision to try!

I can't believe that there are still so many of you out there supporting me and reading my blog!!! I thought for sure that most of you were long gone after my blogging hiatus! I love your comments. I think I might have to print some of them out and tape them to my bathroom mirror. Seriously. Thanks!

I really needed today to catch up from Christmas "Vacation" but instead I am playing choo choo and wiping snot because James has another ear infection and had to stay home from school today. I had to add this picture of the little man being caught eating some of my birthday cake after everyone had finished and left the table. He decided that he needed another bite and snuck back to the table (yes, he got himself a fork out of the drawer!) and helped himself! I love this uh oh look on his face! Seriously, those eyes save his life over and over!

Oh and I have no idea why blogger is jacking with my spacing.... ugh! Wish I had time right now to figure it out!!!


Kamis Khlopchyk said...

I wonder if the WW goal weights take into account that you are an athelete. Based on your level of activity, yes, you are an athelete! I know I haven't lost a pound since I started getting fit, I am the same weight since I began. But inches have come off in surprising ways! (new bras anyone?)

Keep it up girl! You are an inspiration to me :)

And I am so happy to see two posts in two days from you!

Unknown said...

THE last five pounds are a beoytch...but keep up your hard work, cause it will come off...and as far as all the other crap??? YOU ARE AWESOME, don't worry about the size jeans, or the excess belly amounts...cause in the end, you ROCKED out this weight loss and if you get to goal (celebrate) and decide you want to go a little further, then so be it. You've done amazing!!! and you LOOK FANTASTIC.

Sab said...

I LOVE that you've been posting again! And that pic of your lil guy... priceless, haha.

Size 20 to 4 is incredible! And I agree... those last 5 lbs are torture.

Unknown said...

Gosh, I was 12 pounds away from lifetime and I was still a size 12 on the bottom. Gotta love being a pear shape! I'm so very proud of you Natalie! Awesome. You can do it! And even if you don't, you're looking amazing and you've done SO much for your health.