08 January 2010

Time to Jiggle and Shiver!

Remember last year when I ran (read jogged) my first ever 5K? It was the perfect race for me to participate in because it is in fact called the Jiggle Butt Run!

This year I offered to volunteer to help with the race. I will be standing (read freezing) at the 2 mile mark with a timer and walkie talkie. The race benefits the Safe Haven of Tarrant County Women's Shelter. It is a great cause and the organizers of this race are some pretty amazing women! Last year there was a record participation of about 500 runners. This year there are over 1,200 pre-registered participants! They have also introduced a 1K for the 12 and under crowd called the Wiggle Butt Run. Too cute, huh?

It is so amazing and very exciting to be a part of this event, but this week Texas is experiencing RECORD COLD! I know for my northern friends reading this you are thinking that the cold we are experiencing is not actually cold but I need to explain something to you.... See no one here has the appropriate clothing for these temperatures! And to make matters worse I'm pretty sure that our blood is thinner so that we can physically survive our summers! I mean last year I ran (read jogged) the race in shorts! I need for y'all to be praying that God will turn up the heat here.... at least for Saturday!



Brown Family Blog said...

just started reading your blog. I have been enjoying it. :O) I am working on WW too...trying to get rid of baby weight, 1 and 2, AND husband weight. :O) I just stopped nursing so I lost a lot of points to eat so it is really hard to want to be motivated to lose again. Headed to my meeting in the morning. Here we go again.

Unknown said...

This is my first year to run/jog the Jiggle Butt and I hope we don't freeze our butts off! Lots of layers. You will probably need to wear less layers than you think. Good luck!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Ha! I would try to feel a bit of sympathy but, well, you know where I live!

Do some jumping jacks, you will be fine ;)

(Ps I am kidding, cold is cold, it's all relative. Hope it warms up to more acceptable temps by tomorrow)