11 January 2010


Last night David and I got to go out on a date for our anniversary. We went out to eat at Chuy's (very good by the way) and then went and saw Sherlock Holmes (pretty clever movie). Anyway, when David was paying the server for our dinner he immediately picked up the receipt and was looking at it and starting to fold it and put it in his wallet. The server got concerned and asked if everything was okay on our ticket. David said yes. Then the server said, oh well, I never see anyone pick that up unless there is something wrong. I just laughed!!!

This incident made me think of something very funny that happened right before Christmas. Kirstyn had gotten to go shopping at her school in the Penguin Shop, a shop powered by PTA, for her family for Christmas. She had spent time wrapping our gifts and making cards. She was really 'getting' Christmas.... Then she came down from her room with yet another package that she had wrapped all by herself. It had a label that said, to: daddy, I love you, Kirstyn. I knew she hadn't purchased anything else so I asked her what she had made for him. She grinned really big and said, I know Daddy will love this gift. It is his favorite thing to collect. I was still confused.......

then she told me, "It's a RECEIPT!" Daddy collects them and he will love it!

So true, Daddy does love to collect his receipts. Such a thoughtful girl!



Kamis Khlopchyk said...

that's so cute!

We keep all of our receipts - to keep track of our credit card stmts. Um, yes, we are accountants, why do you ask?


Unknown said...

That's hilarious Natalie!
Ya, and we collect our receipts too.

TheFitHousewife said...

That is too cute!
We used to keep our receipts but I stopped after they started piling up! I just check our credit card bill each month to make sure everything looks A-OK!