11 November 2009

Both Hands!

Not the best picture, took it with my iPhone.... will download my real camera later. :-)

Today is Kirstyn's Happy Birthday! She went to bed excited last night and woke up even more excited this morning to be facing the day as a Birthday Princess!

I made the shirt that she is wearing. I waited until the last minute and made it yesterday but it was finished before dinner and not at midnight so I was pretty proud of myself for that. What's funny is that she picked out the princess ribbon that she is wearing a few weeks ago when we were picking out plates and napkins for her birthday party this weekend. I had forgotten about it but she hadn't and promptly produced it this morning. I was not excited about it but am working on not being a control freak.... David called me laughing after he dropped her off at school because he said that ALL of the little girls crowded around her marveling not at her shirt that I worked so hard on but at the tacky little princess ribbon. I guess Kirstyn wasn't the only one that thought it was special!

We had a special breakfast together this morning that included pancakes with a candle in them. Then James and I went and had lunch with her in the lunchroom at school. James had so much fun eating with his Sissy and her friends. He did NOT however want to leave her at school when it was time for us to leave. Soon we will go back to get her and enjoy the rest of her super special day!

Happy Birthday Kirstyn! We love you sooooooo much! I can't believe that you have been in our lives long enough to need to use both hands to show your age!


03 November 2009

High and Low

This morning at my Weight Watcher weigh in, I weighed in down 1.4 lbs for a grand total so far of 80 lbs lost! Talk about an all time HIGH for me! Yeah.

Thanks for sharing in this journey with me so far. SIX more pounds will get me to my lifetime goal with Weight Watchers! I would really like to get there before the new year....


01 November 2009

Meet the Flinstones!

We had a yabba dabba do time, we had a good time, we had a gay old time!

Pebbles and Dino had a fabulous Halloween weekend! They loved their costumes. James would only bark while wearing Dino and if I called him James while he was wearing the costume he would say, "I no James... I DINO... ruf ruff ruf!" Too cute!

Now go visit the costume parades over at SITS and 5 Minutes for Mom.