27 August 2007

Bickley Grandkids!

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Bath Time

I just had to put this picture on the blog. Too cute!
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Kirstyn's Haircut

I took Kirstyn to get her first "real" haircut. We went to a place called Sweet and Sassy. Perfect for Kirstyn. As you can see, everything there was PINK! We also left there covered in glitter. They did a great job on her hair and she really had a great time. I enjoyed getting to watch her feel like a princess!
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18 August 2007

Weather Girl...

MiMi bought Kirstyn this new rain gauge for our back yard. I just had to take a picture of her with it because I have never seen one like this. Now when Granny Rene and Papaw call us and ask about the amounts of rain we are getting in Texas....we will have an accurate answer! Kirstyn and David have this mounted on our back fence and because of the floating red ring inside, we can read the rain level from our back door! Kirstyn can't wait for it to rain so she can go outside and dump it! Too funny...
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Picture Time!

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Kirstyn and James

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After Bath

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On the farm...

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DHS Class of 1997

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We had a great time on Vacation this year! We went back to the beach and had a very relaxing week. Kirstyn just loves the waves and the sand and it looks like James is going to love it too. He would get instantly happy when we took him out onto the warm balcony with the wind blowing! We are already counting down to next year...
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Dora, Boots, Diego, and Kirstyn

David took Kirstyn to Six Flags on July 5th for lunch and to meet Dora and Diego. Kirstyn was soooooo excited!
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14 August 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Wonder who James looks like???

We went to the ballpark on 6/23 with Dee Dee and Pappy. Kirstyn just loves the Texas Rangers and this was Dee Dee and Pappy's first game to go to with Kirstyn. She made sure that everyone sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" with her!

Happy Father's Day

Family Picture with Captain

James' first trip to the ballpark at only 2 weeks old!


We attended a Jr. Rangers event at the Ballpark in Arlington and look at all of the MLB mascots that Kirstyn got to meet! She was very excited and had them all sign a picture of Captain for her.

13 August 2007

Now What!?!?!?!

The look on Kirstyn's face was just too funny when she was holding James and he started to cry. Instead of helping her out really fast, I grabbed my camera and got a great picture!
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