24 July 2011

I keep saying...

I keep saying that I need to blog about this journey I am on with cancer. But then, I hear myself say that C word and I change my mind...

What I DO need to be keeping track of is how my faith is building. My faith is growing because I am allowing the people around me to be the hands and feet of Jesus for me and my family. It seems like every few minutes either my mom or David are telling me something else someone has done for us, or someone is ringing the doorbell to come bring us food or come in to work in the house to help us with the home improvements that we needed to do! It's overwhelming to realize how much we are loved.

Now, every evening I sit here at the computer at the table. I have to sit up (straight as possible...) in the evenings for at least an hour after I take my chemo pills. I have to wait at least an hour and a half with NO eating or drinking anything before taking my chemo so some nights I get started late. Most nights, I eat a light dinner with the family, then get the kids off to bed, get myself ready for bed and then fall asleep.... then it takes David a while to wake me up enough to talk me into moving to the breakfast room table with my laptop so that I will sit up and take the pills and not fall back asleep. ugh. Anyway, that is our routine now. Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful that I can do the chemo at home.

Tomorrow will start week two of six of my at home oral Chemo and our driving to Fort Worth for my daily radiation. (Ugh, and yet still, the most frustrating thing to me is that I don't get to drive... at all... until at least Dec 2nd because of the seizure I had on June 2nd. On Monday's I will also see the radiation doctor to see how things are going and maybe learn when we get to reduce the dose of steroids I am taking again. I can't wait to be off of these steroids so I can feel less jittery and so my face and neck will look less like the Michelin man! We also will be doing blood work every Monday and getting the results of that on Wednesdays. Please pray that my White and Red blood cell counts stay up. I NEED to be around people and so I need those counts to stay good.

Thanks for all the support! I really am going to start trying to blog more. I really do want to document all of the blessings that we are experiencing on this journey!