17 May 2010

Fat Self to Skinny Self

Have you been watching The Biggest Loser?

Last Tuesday night it was the episode where the now thin contestants watch a video that they made for themselves when they first began this weight loss journey. It was pretty emotional for the contestants to actually see how far they had come. I was watching wondering why I never bothered to make a video for my future self. I think I never made the video because I never actually believed that I would ever lose the weight and keep it off.... yet here I am weighing less than I weighed in the 5th grade. And even more exciting than that, I am a certified Body Pump instructor. Wonder what challenge I will take on next?

Oh and my other Biggest Loser comment.... Why will they not buy those women decent sports bras. They have them running sprints on the treadmill and their boobs look like they might knock them out any minute. Ridiculous!!!

Thoughts? Do you wish some version of your past self had made a video for your future self? Maybe I will make one now to watch in 5 or 10 years...


04 May 2010

Drumroll Please

I am excited to announce that Random.org picked comment #2 as the winner! Congrats Stacie, you will soon be the proud owner of one of The Jewlery Junkie's amazing pieces! Please email me your mailing address and choice of initial.

Sorry the winner announcement was a few days late. I had laptop trouble yesterday and a sick kid this weekend and on top of that my allergies have been trying to kill me. How have you been?