29 February 2008

Please Pray for my Friend!

(Now that I have more than 3 readers, I would like to ask a favor of all of my new and old blogger friends.) Please take a moment and stop by my friend Jessica's blog to read her inspiring journey and leave a comment to let her know if you will pray for her. I promise you will be challenged by her amazing faith! Love you Jessica!

Cowgirl Kirstyn

Too cute! Kirstyn was studying Cowboys this week at school so on Tuesday they made "yard stick horses" and then on Thursday they were supposed to dress Western. This is her outfit that we managed to put together! This is a hat from her dress-up trunk, her boots were from last year and were a size too small but she remembered they were in her closet and insisted on wearing them. We sent her crocs for her to change into at school. The t-shirt she is wearing is one that Dee Dee and Pappy brought her back from King Ranch. It is huge because it was the only one they had there that was pink so they thought she could wear it as a gown.... well, she was very excited to have a cowgirl shirt to wear to school. I think it turned out looking pretty good.

28 February 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 2nd Edition

Last week I posted 13 things about me using the first 13 letters of the alphabet. I promised the conclusion of the alphabet this week....
N - Newsletter for MOPS. I am active in a moms group here in Arlington called MOPS, Mothers of Preschoolers. I am on the Steering Team and hold the position of Publicity Coordinator. My main job is to produce the newsletter each month. I think this activity is what renewed my love for blogging because I realized how much I enjoy having a 'platform'.
O - Oz. As in Dr. Oz. When I was first diagnosed with Crohn's Disease I purchased his book, "You the Owner's Manual" because my friend Tessa told me all about this episode of Oprah where Dr. Oz was on there talking about Poop. Well, now Dr. Oz is on Oprah all of the time and I also own his new book, "You on a Diet". I have enjoyed both books and have learned an unbelievable amount of information about the human body...just one more confirmation of how awesome our God is!
P - Playgroup. Kirstyn and now James are in a playgroup with some great friends! Kirstyn and I joined this playgroup when she was just a tiny baby. This group of moms have become great friends of mine. Kirstyn always looks forward to doing activities with playgroup...little does she know that I also enjoy our time together!
Q - Quality Time and Acts of Service, My two main Love Languages. If you have ever read anything about the book by Gary Chapman called "5 Love Languages" you will know what I am talking about and if you haven't read it you should. I have learned so much from this book. When my husband and I did this book as a Bible study many years ago, it was like a light bulb was turned on and we suddenly understood each other much better. His book written about children has also helped us learn to love on Kirstyn better.
R - "Rain Rot" Just saying this out loud makes me smile. I have always affectionately called Kirstyn's cartoons 'Brain Rot' and I can remember one time in the car on the way to Arkansas and I told Kirstyn she needed to rest her eyes and take a little nap and then we would watch a DVD. Well, needless to say, she did not want to take her nap first so she ended up crying herself to sleep saying "Rain Rot, Rain Rot, Pweeeeeeeease, my Rain Rot". Too funny now that I am not in the car with her going deaf!
S - Skating! Well, Kirstyn has started taking Ice Skating Lessons and loves it. We decided that it would probably help her a lot with ice skating and her confidence if we got her some roller blades to practice with at home. Well, my loving husband decided that I also needed some roller blades. ugh. I never learned how to roller skate back when it was popular because I fell down and busted my head open in Kindergarten at a friend's skating party and I never tried again. Well, now I am attempting to learn to roller blade (stop laughing!) in my garage where no one can see me making a complete fool of myself!!! Kirstyn is going to be skating circles around me in no time! PRAY FOR ME! :-)
T - TV. Where do I start. I LOVE me some TV!!! I have always had shows that I enjoyed watching but since we started our business and had children, I find myself watching lots of TV. First, I have to be home every night by 8 for bedtime and often David ends up in his office working after we put the kids to bed so I find myself watching TV and surfing the web. My current favorites include 24, Brothers and Sisters, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Criminal Minds, Boston Legal, Biggest Looser, The Unit, Numb3rs, Las Vegas, Desperate Housewives, and Two and a Half Men.
U - Upper Teeth! Any one that has a baby that is teething can understand why this would warrant getting its own letter in my alphabet about me. It is amazing how this can affect your baby! James seems to be doing pretty good during the day although sometimes doesn't want to finish his bottle and you can tell it is because it hurts to latch down on it. It has however affected his sleeping. He has been crying in his sleep and then eventually wakes up. Like last night. He started crying in his sleep about 2am but didn't actually wake up and stand up and start screaming until 3 am! ugh....I don't enjoy having my sleep interrupted for what felt like most of the night!
V - Vegetables (Thanks Ann!) Well, when I first asked my friend Ann, a dietitian, to help me loose some weight, one of the first things she asked me was what kids of vegetables I liked. uhhhhh....well, green beans and corn were the only two I could think of that I would eat. Well, she challenged me to eat at least one new vegetable per week. Now, almost 5 years later...I will eat just about any veggie put before me and I have learned that I actually LOVE roasted vegetables and even look forward to eating them. I think my new favorite is roasted cauliflower or roasted sweet potato "fries"! Yummy vegetables.
W - Webkinz. Kirstyn is obsessed with her Webkinz. She loves playing with her webkinz animals both on line and in person. Her favorite game in webkinz world is a fashion show game and she also really likes playing Go Fish. It is too cute to watch her talk to these animals like they are listening! David and I also enjoy playing on her account. We initially started playing to help her win some money because she is a consumer! Well, we found out that there is really much to be learned and we have both enjoyed playing. It really is amazing how that can make a site like that that appeals to both young and old!
X - X-Ray revieled the need for Ned's surgery. Ned, David's dad, just had some more x-rays done and it looks like he will be needing even more surgery to repair his pelvis again. (He was severely injured in a car wreck about 18 months ago.) The x-rays show that some of the screws used to repair the pelvis initially have broken loose and will need to be repaired. Please be in prayer for him as he faces this upcoming surgery.
Y - Youth. David and I enjoy helping out with the youth group at our church from time to time. Every time they need a host home for something, usually disciple now weekends, we always sign ourselves up. More recently they had a Purity Now day and David spoke and gave his testimony to the boys. I guess as our children get older we will be presented with many more opportunities to help out.
Z - Zoo. One of my favorite things to do with my kids is go to the Zoo. David and I used to go to the Fort Worth Zoo on dates even before we had kids. It is such a nice place to walk around and take pictures. Kirstyn loves to get up close with the PINK Flamingos!

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26 February 2008

Weight Watchers Progress

Oh happy day! I switched back to the Core program last week and I lost 3.6 lbs this week! You can track (and hopefully encourage) my progress toward loosing 100 lbs by watching my ticker over on my sidebar! Let me know if you have weight loss goals that you are working toward!

What’s On Your Refrigerator? Meme

Okay, my darling friend Elaine over at The Miss Elaine-ous Life tagged me with this meme. So, ugh, brace yourself.....here is what my fridge looks like (and I just cleaned mine off a few weeks ago, so this is actually good for me.) I have to say, after looking at many of yours out there...I am a little embarrassed at how messy mine now looks to me.

I think I need to win the book Clutter's Last Stand that they are giving away over with this meme at Heart at Home! Okay, here is what you are seeing... at least 3 note pads, the leap frog letters game and the leap frog word whammer with lots of letters, several pictures and birth announcements, our food charts, my empty anniversary picture frame from MOPS (sorry Tracy...I'm not really using it yet, but at least I still have it!), Texas Ranger's Schedule, various magnets including some that spell out various Bible verses, my Weight Watchers "I lost 25 lbs" magnet, meat thermometer, red timer that we use for "naughty chair" time, a "Love Is..." cartoon my husband cut out of the newspaper for me, business cards (including some of my husband's for me to give to solicitors that come to our door), a Snow Doubt About It Christmas magnet that has lost his nose, and several other random things....

Okay, now I am supposed to tag five other bloggers and this will be hard since I am so new to the WORLD of blogging...I mean, I am approaching 300 posts for family and friends, but I just learned last week what a Meme even is! So, I am tagging my friends (1.)Tracy and (2.) Jenn who are also new to blogging and I don't know if they are ready for the WORLD of it yet...we will see if they decide to play. Also, I love looking at my friend (3.)Heather's cool pictures...maybe she will find a fun way to spin her refrigerator pictures! My friend (4.)Rebeka is also a photographer and is working on decorating her house so I can't wait to see her fridge! My last tag is to (5.)Lady Rose because she was the first person that commented on my first meme!

OKAY, now I have shown you mine....you have to show me yours! :-)
Oh and I hope I win that book because after looking at my picture, I really need it!

25 February 2008

Next Time the Trash will go out on Schedule!

This is my darling husband....and well, let's just say that the next time I ask him to take the trash out, I am sure it will get done! Poor baby, he was apparently getting a few things down from the attic on Saturday when one of the items attacked him on the way down the stairs. He didn't even realize until Sunday morning that he had really hurt himself. His eye just kept looking worse so today he went to the eye doctor just to double check that everything was okay and thankfully it was. Now he has some special eye drops to use and just has to wait on it to get better. I kept telling him he needed to come up with a better story as to what happened but since he didn't...I am going to take credit!

WOW! What a beautiful day!

Here are some fun pictures that I took today while playing outside with my kids! Kirstyn had a great time helping me find fun things to photograph. These turned out the best....some that I took were blurry (I'm sure it had nothing to do with the 4 year old I had leaning on me most of the time!) Notice the asparagus that we will be having at dinner this week! I am so excited to already have some coming up. Today the weather was perfect. I think the news said 87 with a wind-chill of 80! We spent ALL day outside. I am so excited to be able to photograph all of the signs that Spring is on the way. Soon, Kirstyn and I will be planting our garden.

Saying Good Bye

ugh, I feel like this is a really sad post that I just NEED to do. Yesterday when my mom and dad left here to return to Arkansas they took our dog with them. Why? Well, we really feel like it is time to make the hard decision to put Snoopy down and I really wanted him burried on the farm with my childhood pets, so my mom and dad promised to take care of it for me. Yesterday I did not feel like an adult, I felt once again like a helpless child! I thought it would be Kirstyn crying when they left but instead it was me! I thought I was ready...but the truth is, I have lived with Snoopy longer than I have lived with my husband! David took me to the pound and we adopted Snoopy almost 10 years ago when we were dating. When I had my miscarriage, Snoopy spent a week laying in bed beside me being very patient and loving. He has a very quirky personality that many people found hard to love (much like me!), but he is very loyal and recently has been a great friend to Kirstyn. They love to go outside to play bubbles. I will post a video later of them playing bubbles that I took this week. I so wish I would taken a video of this funny interaction between them last summer when he was still feeling well and more active. This picture of Kirstyn giving Snoopy a hug good-bye really shows how we were all feeling! I was taking the picture and I am shocked it turned out okay because I had tears running down my face!

23 February 2008

Follow That Rabbit!

Today we segregated the family and the girls (Mom, Kirstyn, and I) went to CATS to see Follow That Rabbit, a play/musical based on Alice in Wonderland. Now let me tell you, I hated Alice in Wonderland as a child. I remember crying if it was the Sunday night movie on ABC and I also remember having nightmares about how they wouldn't let Alice attend the tea part and my nightmares would always have the crazy queen chasing me around screaming "off with her head". Ugh...so when I saw it was going to be coming on Disney channel I naturally made a mental note to make sure we missed that one. Well, my darling husband recorded it because he thinks that me talking about this terrorizing movie is funny and he wanted to "suprise" me. He enjoyed this movie as a child and decided that he and Kirstyn would watch it together. Well, of course she loved it. I still think the writers must have been on crack, but I digress, Kirstyn was so excited to get to have a girls day. She said she missed having days with the girls. I hadn't really thought about it but I guess this was the first time since brother was born that she got a day with both her DeeDee and Mommy. Usually her Daddy and Pappy go play golf so that is just how it works out. Anyway, during intermission at the play, we got to go to a "Tea Party" with the characters. Kirstyn was star struck! She got autographs on her program and everything! After the play, we went to Celebrity Cafe and Bakery, the resturant that Kirstyn now refers to as the "fancy pink resturant". Then we went shopping to Children's Place, Sam's, and Target. It was a busy day but I think Kirstyn enjoyed having my attention without brother around. I am just glad I took the time to seek out something fun and inexpensive for us to do today. I tend to forget about the great playhouses we have here in the metroplex.

22 February 2008

Happy Anniversary Dee Dee and Pappy!

Well, today is my mom and dad's 33rd Anniversary. They drove in from Arkansas to see us tonight and Kirstyn was ready and waiting with an Anniversary cake. She was so cute trying to understand what an anniversary is. She finally concluded that it is their "wedding birthday" and I told her she was exactly right!

21 February 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 1st Edition

Apparently, Thursday Thirteen is a very popular MEME on the internet. I had to look up the word meme. Pronounced meem, "A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another."

This is my first Thursday Thirteen Post and I am going to tell you thirteen things about myself and my family using the first thirteen letters of the alphabet. Stay tuned next week for the last thirteen.

A - Ann and Andy. I loved Raggedy Ann and Andy stories as a child and when I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to do a nursery with this theme. Kirstyn loves her room and she has the best ever mural that one of our friends painted for her (thanks again Jeremy!).
B - Bye Bye Boppy and Bouncy! Well, Kirstyn and James are going to be our only children and I have just weined James so thus the bye bye boppy and well, James is almost nine months old and is crawling and pulling up so he is way too big for a bouncy seat. I recently moved both items to our garage sale pile.
C - Core or Flex...always the question. Well, anyone that is doing or has done Weight Watchers knows that when you step on the scale each week, the lady asks you "Core or Flex". I joined WW for the first time in Feb 06 and lost 30 lbs before I got pregnant with James and now I am back at WW trying hard once again.
D - David is a fabulous Daddy. I could not have asked for a better husband or daddy for my children. David helps around the house and is great with our kids. He gives Kirstyn (and now James) a bath every night and then puts Kirstyn to bed. He is also very patient and loving and is our house's Spiritual Rock.
E - Eggs. When Kirstyn turned up with an egg allergy when she was just over a year old, I had to educate myself and learn to read labels. We have been very dilligent in avoiding eggs and now she tests as "egg sensitive" rather than "egg allergic"...I consider this an accomplishment. We still avoid them as much as possible in hopes that the egg sensitivity will, too, become a thing of the past.
F - Farm. I was raised on a 300 acre cattle farm just north of De Queen, Arkansas. I had a very adventurous childhood of catching crawfish in the creek, driving the tractor, picnicing in the hay fields under the shade trees, bottle feeding baby calves, shelling peas and more!
G - Gardening. Well, I don't really love gardening but I really do enjoy the results. I have found that Kirstyn and I are really good at growing and harvesting okra and asparagus. We are still working at some of the other vegetables. I have higher hopes for this year. Last year I was very pregnant during the "planting" season and we didn't get much done. I just wish my outdoor allergies didn't bother me soooooo much! I am thankful for my Astilin.
H - Hair! Dog Hair, Cat Hair, Fixing Hair.... We have a white dog and a white cat...need I say more! As I write this though, I am sad. Our dog Snoopy is not doing well. He is getting old and has cancer. We are going to have to make some hard decisions in the next few weeks.
I - Illness. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in July 05. It took what seemed like forever to get my symptoms under control with medications but now I am feeling great. I am currently not taking any of my meds. I stopped taking them so that I could nurse James and I haven't "needed" them since. Please pray that this continues to be the case!
J - James Norley. Born on 24 May 07. He is named James after his daddy, James David and Norley after my dad, Norley Frank III. I was supposed to be Norley Frank IV but I was a girl. My PawPaw would have loved to know that I named my son after all of them.
K - Kirstyn Adele. Born on 11 November 03. Kirstyn's first name is one we picked out of the baby books because we both liked it and it means "Annointed". Adell is my grandmother's middle name and my little sister Neida Adele was named after her. So, Kirstyn was named after her great grandmother and her favorite Aunt!
L - LABC - Lake Arlington Baptist Church is where we attend church as a family. David and I met at LABC in 1998 and we have a lot of time and energy invested in this wonderful church.
M - Mommy. The title I always knew I wanted...I just never realized how hard it would be or how rewarding! It makes me sad that one day, much too soon, I won't get to be a part of the MOPS, Mothers of Preschoolers, group that I have come to love so much because my little ones are growing up so fast!

Like I said, be back next Thursday for the fascinating conclusion to Natalie's Alphabet of Information!

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20 February 2008

Great Day!

I know you are wondering how today went with our new food chart. GREAT! Kirstyn was so excited about working on her chart and encouraging Daddy and I to also do good. She even called Daddy at lunch time to remind him to eat at least one vegetable! (Ann - you should be soooo proud of us!) Kirstyn was able to mark out all of the boxes on her chart. We found the most difficult one to be the "grains" group. Kirstyn got to put an 'X' in her last box when she had a piece of Cinnamon Toast (whole wheat bread) for dessert tonight! We also had an active day of playing outside in the beautiful weather we had today. Here is a very cute picture of James in the swing that I took yesterday.

19 February 2008


At our house what we can eat and when is often a topic of conversation. Lately Kirstyn has been on a cheese kick. She sometimes picks a certain food and wants to eat it all of the time. I guess I should be thankful that she is not standing at the pantry begging for cookies or candy, but I really want to teach healthy eating habits without making it into a battle. I have dealt with 'food' issues my entire life. I can remember being in elementary school and being jealous that my "skinny" friend would bring like 4 or 5 cookies for dessert and I was only allowed 2. Anyway, the last few days I have found myself at 4:00 in the afternoon sounding like the mom I didn't want to sound like. I am standing holding a banana, apple and orange saying pick one...while Kirstyn is standing by the fridge asking once again for a cheese stick or baby bell or for cottage cheese or a yogurt...really anything in the milk food group. I don't want to fight with her about what she can eat and not eat, I just want healthy eating to be something we just do at our house!So, after much thinking and praying about how not to make food a big "issue" I think I have come up with a plan.

I have made a food chart to put up for us to try to "fill" up each day. I plan to make David and I one also and we are going to have a family challenge. I haven't decided on the prize(s) yet so I am all for suggestions. I don't really want the prize to be something like ice cream, I would like to come up with something "active". Maybe after everyone has filled up 10 charts we will all go to the park or to the lake to feed the ducks or something.

If you are looking at this and think I have it off from the reccomended servings...I have tried to make this something that Kirstyn (age 4) can understand without too much reminding and help. For example, according to the government, children her age should get the equivalent of 2 cups of milk per day. Well, Kirstyn doesn't ever take in one cup at a time. She usually eats/drinks milk in servings of around 4 oz in the form of cheese sticks or 1/2 cup of yogurt or cottage cheese. So, I put 4 'servings' of milk on her chart. The meat is by ounces, apparently she only 'needs' 4 oz of meat/beans per day. I may let her use/play with my weight watchers scale to see what portions of meat look like. Like I said, I want this to be fun for all of us! I hope that by making the prize a family one, we will encourage each other to 'fill' up our charts each day!

I realize this is going to be the most work for me but I keep telling myself that mothering isn't supposed to be easy.....plus this should help me with my Weight Watchers progress too! Let me know what you think and don't forget to leave me ideas for "family prizes" that can offer a pretty quick turn around and not cost me a lot of money!

18 February 2008

The Best Gift!

Well, I got my Valentines Day present today when 4 women showed up at my house and spent 3 hours cleaning! Oh happy happy day! Since today was Presidents Day, David closed the office and spent the day here at the house. We spent the morning working on my list of "honey-dos" and then at 1:00 the cleaning ladies showed up and went to work. David left and went to the office for a little while (when you are self employed you really never get a day off) and the kids and I went outside. Actually, Kirstyn and I washed the windows outside while the ladies were working inside. I wanted Kirstyn to be a part of the cleaning process because I didn't want her to think it would be okay to sit and watch everyone else work. Then we came back inside and I put James in the floor with some toys and Kirstyn and I folded some laundry. Even though I didn't do any of the "official" cleaning, I worked my hind-end off picking up and putting up and doing laundry and dishes. I also made several trips from inside my house to the garage sale pile in the garage! When we moved into this house, I NEVER thought we would own enough stuff to fill it up...boy was I wrong! Now I am constantly looking for a new place to stash something. My newest mission is to get organized and get rid of stuff that we don't actually need. I watched an episode of Oprah a while back about Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? It was very interesting and I even asked David to watch parts of it and I think it is what finally helped him to understand why I get so frustrated when I can't seem to get the house clean and caught up! Anyway, for Valentines, David hired these ladies to come clean our house and I have to say that I think this is one of my favorite gifts of all time! I don't think I have felt this relaxed and at peace with my house since before James was born almost 9 months ago!

17 February 2008

Yummy Bubbles!

James loves to get in the bath with Kirstyn who always takes bubble baths...the only problem is, James thinks it is great fun to EAT the bubbles. Kirstyn encourages it by laughing at him because she says he is pretending to be Santa! Too Funny.
I have to tell you a little about this little boy. He is fearless when it comes to the water. He used to love to sit by the bathtub and talk to sister while she took her bath but one day a few weeks ago, James decided he wanted to get in too. He was sitting on his knees on the step by the bathtub between me and daddy when all of a sudden he just launched himself forward and into the bathtub head first with all of his clothes on. When David and I pulled him out of the water (we had each grabbed a foot about the time he hit the water) he was spitting bubbles and water and laughing! ugh!!!! I almost wish that it had scared him at least a little. Anyway, guess he will be fearless like his big sister is. James' bathtub dive reminds me of Kirstyn two summers ago at the beach when she was jumping waves with my dad and kept insisting they go into the ocean deeper where the waves would hit her in the chest. My dad was letting her be adventurous and she was having a blast. Then a big wave came and knocked her down and all I could see was feet, head, feet, head and flashes of her bright pink bathing suit. When my dad pulled her back to her feet she was spitting sand and saltwater and she looked at my dad and said, "Wow, Pappy, that was fun! Let's do it again!". My dad promptly told her no, that it was time to build a sandcastle on the beach! Miss Fearless had worn her Pappy out for the day!
Guess James will love the beach this summer! Pray that God keeps my reflexes fast...looks like I am going to need them to keep my fearless children safe. Oh and these stories are just one more confirmation that we did the right thing when we had our pool removed from our back yard when Kirstyn was little!

16 February 2008

Happy Pancakes

I think we have started a new Saturday family tradition. The past few Saturdays, Kirstyn has requested that we make "Happy Pancakes". I like to encourage the eating of fruit at breakfast and Kirstyn is allergic to eggs, so this is the perfect breakfast for our family. She really enjoys decorating her pancake and some Saturdays she decorates everyones and others she is so hungery that she only decorates hers. Today, I got to decorate my own, so mine is a little more "points" friendly without the cool whip (which by the way is fat free at our house!).

15 February 2008

"Mommy's Friends"

Okay, I just have to share this story about something Kirstyn said the other day.

Kirstyn was helping MiMi (David's mom) empty the trash cans at the office when suddenly she stopped what she was doing, put her hand on her hip and marched back into MiMi's office. And the conversation went as follows:
K: Mimi, Why did you throw away your friends?
M: I didn't throw away my friends....
K: Mimi, we don't lie!
M: Punkin, I guess I don't know what you are talking about.
K: Mimi, yes you do, you threw away the pictures of your friends.
M: Show me...
K: Okay....
(This is where Kirstyn left Mimi's office and proceeded to return carrying the newspaper obituaries!)

I almost peed my pants laughing!!!!
So, I proceeded to join Kirstyn in questioning Mimi as to why she threw away those nice pictures of her "friends"! Mimi, was trying too hard not to laugh too so she just took back her pictures and put them on the corner of her desk!

Now this story would not be as funny but the next day, Kirstyn had her friend Meghan over for a playdate and they were upstairs in the playroom playing away when I asked them what they were doing. They answered back that they were playing a new game. Okay, I thought and went back for another cup of coffee. A few minutes later our conversation went like this (I was still downstairs and the girls were upstairs in the playroom):
Me: Girls, what new game are you playing?
K: Your game.
Me: What game is that?
K: The one with your friends on it.
Me: (very interested now, thinking back to the pictures of Mimi's friends in the obits)...hummmm, I don't know which one you are talking about.
K: I'll show you mommy....
Then, Kirstyn held up the top of the game's box to show me "my friends" and she was playing with my Desperate Housewives boardgame!!!!
Me: OHHHHHHHHHH.....Have Fun!
Halleluah! My self esteem has just gone through the roof and I couldn't wait to call Mimi and tell her about MY friends and what they looked like! (She hung up on me! She was laughing when she did!!!) I may forever make jokes about our friends.

So, if you are my friend and reading this.... You should feel great about yourself. If you are Mimi's friend....well....

Take this quiz to see which Housewife you are and let us know in the comments section.

14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I was very excited to get a picture of the two of them together that was pretty good. I took another one where James had a better smile, but for some reason the picture wasn't in focus. ugh. Anyway, we hope that you have had a wonderful Valentine's Day! James has an ear infection and is not feeling well tonight. I am on the computer because David is being an awesome Daddy and is taking care of the fussy baby right now. How's that for romantic! :-) We had a great day. Kirstyn had her Valentines party at school and David picked her up from school with some flowers in hand for her. She was soooooo excited and announced that she likes valentines even better than Christmas because everything is pink and you get flowers! She also started her day with a heart donut. yummy... David "cooked" dinner tonight and we had Mamma's Pizza (I choose what I wanted and it sounded really good). I feel very blessed to be so surrounded by so many people that love me! We hope you have had a great holiday too!