28 September 2009


As I am struggling to loose this last 10 pounds I have been doing much evaluating of my exercise routine and eating. I don't know about you, but I love watching The Biggest Loser. I don't however love the fact that they can lose 3% or more of their body weight in just one week. I find myself jealous.

Anyway, last week on the show they talked a lot about their specific calorie burn targets and food intake calorie targets. They mentioned that their target burn was 6000 calories per day and their goal intake was 1400 calories per day. WOW. Crap. Really? Ah, NO wonder!

So now for the perspective in Weight Watcher Language:

Approximate Points Eaten per day: 22
Approximate Activity Points earned per day: 46

In conclusion, I think I will stick with saying good bye to my unwanted weight one tenth of a pound at a time! (Unless someone wants to volunteer to be my maid, nanny, and personal chef? Then, I might could spend enough time in the gym to burn 6000 calories per day!)

Also, after watching tonight's episode I have to say that I am excited to finally see someone on TV that professes to be a Christian AND at the same time HE ACTED LIKE IT TOO! Thank you.

What are your thoughts?


Balsamic Chicken

Last night at Bible Study we had a little potluck. I decided to make something that is one of my family's favorite dishes. Everyone seemed to love it and some even requested the recipe, so here it is for all of you!

Balsamic Chicken

2 tbs extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup Newman's Own Balsamic Vinegar
granulated garlic
dried onion flakes
fresh cracked black pepper
pinch red pepper flakes

Cut chicken breast into large bite size pieces and put into gallon size baggie with marinade. "Smush" around until all of chicken is covered. Let marinade in the refrigerator for at least 30 min.

cooking instructions:
Bring non-stick skillet up to heat.
Add chicken to pan. Add salt to taste.
Brown in batches until chicken has nice brown color on both sides.

1 can low sodium chicken stock
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
Bring to boil and allow to reduce down while cooking chicken.

When all of chicken is done and sauce is reduced, put chicken back in pan and pour sauce over chicken and simmer for a few minutes.

My family loves this chicken and sauce served over whole wheat cous cous with green beans.


25 September 2009


Lord, please give me patience... AND HURRY!

I feel like I am in a current or perpetual state of waiting.

My mom had a nuclear stress test done yesterday. Now we are waiting on the doctor to call with results. The good news is that they didn't rush her up for immediate surgery! But, we are still waiting on all of the results.

***UPDATE: Mom talked to the nurse and there is NO sign of blockage and her heart is in good condition! I am working on her right now and she says she will dig back out her weight watcher materials because I feel like her blood pressure will come down naturally if she will just loose a little more weight. Until then, they have her on a new blood pressure medicine that should do the trick. PRAISE THE LORD!!!***

On Tuesday I weighed in at exactly 10 lbs from goal. (I have been weighing "heavier" this time around on Tuesdays because I am going to my body pump class at 5:30am, then eating breakfast, drinking lots of coffee, and then weighing in!) Anyway, when my leader Kim saw this she handed me a piece of paper asking me to apply for a job with Weight Watchers. Since I am within 10 lbs of goal I can get a job as a Weigherinnerlady, aka Receptionist. When I am within 2 lbs of goal I can apply to get my own meeting. Anyway, I submitted my application and resume. They emailed me with a link for a "personality" test. I took it. Now I am waiting to hear from them again.

I think filling out the application may be just what I need to get out of this state of maintaining (which I view as a major accomplishment) on toward my goal! Already this week I have thought twice about what I put in my mouth because I have no wiggle room. I can't even gain 0.2! I must stay where I am or go down!!! Cheer me on will ya!

Okay, so for now I am waiting. What are you doing???

15 September 2009


Have you checked out the Tip Junkie? I love that she collects the creativity from around blog land and puts it all in one place for me!

Oh and guess what?!?!?

She featured me earlier this summer too but for some reason I never got around to telling you!