28 March 2008

Alvin - Simon - Theodore

This afternoon we went to the mall for a free Alvin and the Chipmunks Concert! Kirstyn was so excited about seeing the REAL Chipmunks! We met several of our playgroup friends there for a fun afternoon and then some of the daddies were able to join us for dinner. We had a great time! After the concert we stood in line to take pictures with a chipmunk and then we took our picture in front of a green screen and they gave us a jump drive with the picture they took on it.

27 March 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 6th Edition

My Favorite 13 Weight Watchers One Point Snacks
  1. Haystacks (Combine 1 sleeve of Fiber One cereal with 1 bag melted chocolate chips. Drop into 48 haystacks. Best if served frozen!)
  2. 97% FF Popcorn
  3. Graham Cracker Sandwiches (Freeze 2 Low Fat Graham Cracker Sandwich halves with a dollop of cool whip in the middle.)
  4. Curves Chocolate Peanut butter Cereal Bar
  5. WW Chocolate Smoothie made with 1 cup of coffee and ice
  6. Apple
  7. Healthy Choice or WW Fudge Sickle
  8. Scoop of Sugar Free Blue Bell Ice Cream
  9. Egg Beaters with Salsa
  10. Corn tortilla with spray butter
  11. Cup of Strawberries
  12. Reduced fat Chips Ahoy Cookie
  13. Fat Free Ruffles
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26 March 2008

Doing Great!

James' surgery went great. We are home and he is sleeping right now. They gave him an antibiodic shot there at the hospital and we have an ear drop prescription but other than that, it will be life as normal and hopefully he will be feeling even better now that all of that infected fluid is out of his ears or on its way out! Thanks for your prayers.

25 March 2008

James' Ears

James is having surgery in the morning to get tubes put in his ears. Please pray that it goes well and that they start on time or early (since he won't be happy about not getting to eat!). Thanks! I will update tomorrow after we get home.

23 March 2008

Easter Sunday

During our church service on Sunday there was an artist that worked on these amazing paintings. He painted the first one during the service that we attended and then the one that Kirstyn is standing by was painted during the second service. It was really exciting to watch him while the chior sang and while David George was preaching (I still managed to take notes!). I was excited to see what it was going to be when he finished. Kirstyn wanted her picture taken with the butterfly one and I was happy to do so because now you can see how large these painting are!

21 March 2008

Fabulous Tip Friday!

Well, the mommies over at Mommies United had another GREAT idea! Everyone share a Fabulous Tip that makes your life easier! Well, who couldn't use a few extra ideas like that!!!

My tips are reuses for a few items that have already been used once and would be going into the trash (or recycling bin). These have the potential to save you time and money!
  1. Used Dryer Sheets (any brand) - after your clothes are dry, when you remove the dryer sheet from the dryer, instead of throwing it away, take it to your shower. (what!?!?). If you get it wet it will make a soapy like foam that you can rub on your glass shower door or on your shower tiles and it will clean them! I like it because you can clean the door while you are in the shower and you won't get your hands yucky with a 'bleach' like smell!
  2. Old Newspaper - Use old newspapers to wash your windows along with your favorite window cleaner instead of using a roll of paper towels. They work great, don't leave any streaks, and don't cost you anything! And, if your house is anything like mine and you have "helpers", then you will definitely save tons of paper towels!
  3. WD-40 - If you are like us, you bought a can of WD-40 years ago to make a chair or a door stop squeaking and then you put it in your garage. Well, if your children bring home a silly putty egg this Easter, you will be prepared when it gets 'permanently' stuck to fabric or carpet. Just spray on WD-40 and wipe away with a clean cloth!

Happy Cleaning! For more Fabulous Tip Friday participants....click HERE.

20 March 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 5th Edition

13 Fun Things to do while visiting the Farm
  1. Go Fishing

  2. Ride in the back of the truck

  3. Watch the cows eating hay

  4. Check the pigs

  5. Throw rocks in the creek

  6. Jump on the trampoline

  7. Play with cousins

  8. Watch the logging trucks

  9. Run around outside

  10. Feed the pets

  11. Ride the tractor

  12. Watch the deer run across the pasture
  13. Get DIRTY!

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19 March 2008

Time for some Tea

Part of the Mommies United Launch Party today they suggested we have a Tea Party. I immediately thought of these pictures that I took of Kirstyn and James before Christmas and I didn't ever take the time to post them. Watching this tea party was too funny. James would intently watch Kirstyn "fill" his cup and then he would pick it up to get a drink and nothing.... Then she would cut him some bites of "cup cake" and then put the spoon in his mouth. About the third time she did this and he got NOTHING to eat...he looked her in the face and just screamed! It was too funny. As if he was saying..."I'm hungry and sick of being teased here!"

17 March 2008

My Meme Monday!

I was tagged by my friend Elaine Ann to do the middle name meme. So here are the rules for this MEME:
1) You must post these rules on your blog before you answer the questions.
2) You need to list one fact about yourself using each letter of your MIDDLE name. If you don’t have a middle name use your maiden name instead.
3) When you are finished with your answers, you need to tag one person for each letter of your middle name.

My Middle Name: ESTELLE
E - Exhausted. I am very tired because since James has been sick he has not been sleeping well. I am planning to spend this week in Arkansas getting some much needed rest!
S - Star. Estelle means 'star'. Natalie means 'Christmas'. So, guess you could call me "Christmas Star"...perfect since my birthday is Christmas Day.
T - Tracing. I was recently contacted by a third cousin that found us on mySpace and she has traced the Bickley side of my family back to the 1600's! I am learning so much and am helping her fill in all of the blanks she had on our side of the family.
E - Eating. My favorite pass time! Aka, why I have to attend Weight Watchers meetings!
L - Laugh. Some people laugh at my 'wit' while I think I tend to rub others the wrong way. I just mostly speak before I think too much about it. I love to laugh and make others laugh too.
L - Love. I love it when people leave nice comments on my blog! Comments really are the crack joy of a blogger!
E - Early. Something I would love to be all of the time but usually am not...I think most of the time it is David's fault and he is in denial!

Oh and tag, you are it! If you are reading this and you haven't done this meme yet, then consider yourself one of my seven.

Mommies United Mega Launch Party & Ultimate Blog Party Wrap-Up!

Well, it is time for another blog party! My blogging life is starting to resemble that of a busy college student with one party after another. I feel like I am still recovering from last week's Ultimate Blog Party '08 where I found several new blogs that I plan to read often and I joined a new blogroll at Livin' With Me!. First, the blog Kids Love Jesus is going to give me some great ideas for teaching my children! There are a couple of blogs that are going to teach me to be more frugal (I just thought I knew what I was doing...). The Happy Housewife and A Call to Higher Places are both teaching me how to get lots of free and almost free stuff at places like CVS. Then Sprittibee has a cool thing she does with her family called Green Hour and she has some great ideas for my gardening that I do with Kirstyn. For help in improving on my other hobbies (yes, sometimes I have a life outside of blogging!) I will be reading Me and Mine and Scrapping Servant to help with my digital scrapbooking and The Stuff I Live For has some cute little sewing projects I plan to try and Expressions Photo has some great photography tips and do it yourself projects! Finally, I found a few new blogs to challenge and encourage me in my weight loss journey. Bye Bye Fat Mom, Honey, I shrank Myself, and Every Woman's Health are blogs that I plan to frequent! And actually Mommies United was one of the blogs that I was excited to find last week when I was partying and I came across the introductions of the Mommies behind Mommies United! So, here we go again. I can't wait to meet some more new blogging buddies! And if you haven't already, get on over to Mommies United to join in on the Mega Launch Party!
Mega Launch Party!
If you don't already know me, I am Natalie and this blog is all about what is Normal to me. I stay very busy keeping up with my two little ones while helping my husband run and grow our business (speaking of that...If you live in Texas then you should call him for a FREE, no obligation quote on your insurance...a link to the agency is on my sidebar!). I hope you will come back and get to know me better! I think this blog is even helping me to get to know me better. It is amazing how much you can learn about yourself when you blog!

The other thing that I am excited about is the chance to win some prizes. I was contacted yesterday by Angi over at Thoughts of a Wannabe to let me know that I had won the book Truffles by the Sea from my visit during the Ultimate Blog Party '08. Then, I was contacted by Kelly to tell me that I had won a Cold Stone Creamery gift card! (no, it won't ruin my WW diet lifestyle because they have some yummy sugar free ice cream that is low in points!) I am so excited! I hope the next two weeks will hold a few more goodies for me. I am supposed to post my top four choices of prizes that I hope to win:
  1. Free Blog Template from Splat Designs
  2. Anything from GirlMogul (I love these SMART Girl shirts!)
  3. Set of Books from Cedar Valley Publishing
  4. Party Game from SexySlang (I bet you click on that link just to see what it is!)

16 March 2008


First today at church, Neida and Paul dedicated Bryton Daniel. We took James and Kirstyn to church with us and they both did great! Kirstyn drew pictures and sang and James drank his bottle and took a really good nap on me! David held Bryton and managed to put him to sleep too. Just look at this cute picture of the cousins we took after church. Kirstyn, James, Logan, and Bryton. After church we all went over to mom's house for a big Birthday lunch for Granny Rene! Instead of cake we had every one's favorite "chocolate stuff", aka Chocolate Pudding Dessert. Kirstyn, Logan, and Carter were very proud to deliver the surprise to the table for Granny Rene. We finally managed to get a picture of Granny Rene with all 6 of her great grandchildren.

14 March 2008


Kirstyn had her Easter party at school yesterday and had a great time making crafts and hunting for Easter eggs. I was supposed to get a filling done at the dentist so I took James to David at the office but then the dentist was running really behind so I rescheduled and was able to drop in on Kirstyn's party and surprise her before I went back to the office to reclaim my little sick one! It was also great for me to get out of the house for a few minutes (and not have to sit in a doctor office)!

Well, James and I spent the afternoon at the ENT yesterday and the doctor said that his ears looked really bad. He was very surprised that he had been on antibiotics for so long and his ears still were that bad. The audiologist did the puff of ear test and James had a flat line showing lots of fluid in the ears. We are scheduled for tubes for James' ears on March 26th. This is the earliest we can get in since next week is spring break and the doctor is on vacation.

We got the kids picture made last night with the Easter Bunny! I am so excited that they actually turned out great! Stay tuned for your Easter Card!

Okay, now I have to get back to packing....we are headed to Arkansas for Spring Break!

13 March 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 4th Edition

Some really funny things that my darling daughter has said....my responses are in parenthesis.
  1. "Dear Diarrhea" (hummm...dear diary?)
  2. "You are not following the erections" (what!?!?! maybe we should follow the Directions!)

  3. "SH*%#" (this one made her a party attraction....my friends would say, 'Kirstyn, say FIX IT, and she would....she would say very clearly "SH#$@"....I'm glad she outgrew this one before she asked her Sunday School teachers to fix anything!)

  4. "A-WAZ" (because)

  5. "DDD" (D-V-D)

  6. "Why does brother have that?" (umm, his penis? because, that is the way Jesus made him.) "Jesus is really silly!" (such wisdom at such a young age! I'm one proud mommy!)

  7. The other day, Daddy was teaching her how to rhyme and if she couldn't think of a rhyming word, he was teaching her to work her way through the alphabet. For example, at, bat, cat, fat. Okay, so a few minutes later the word she was trying to rhyme was lick. I could see the wheels turning as she started working through the alphabet silently until she came up with something. She was sooooo proud when she screamed LICK - DICK! Daddy was officially now done playing this game. He couldn't wait to play Hi Ho Cheerio or Candyland!

  8. "One nation, under God, uninvisible, with littering and dust us for all!"

  9. Her bedtime prayer... "Dear God, thank you for our hearts, our pink ones, red ones, purple ones, (and on and on...I think she is thinking about valentines!) in Jesus name, Amen.

  10. Awwwww, Pickles! (too many episodes of Higgly Town Heroes!)

  11. Today I mentioned that maybe next week Pappy would take her fishing and then we could have fish for dinner one night. Her response: "MOMMY! That pond is dirty, those fish will have germs....AND I only eat fish from the Freezer!" (what was I thinking...I called Pappy and told him he better go fishing before we get there so that we can eat our fish from the freezer!)

  12. After watching Snoopy lick his wound on his back, Kirstyn asked what he was doing. Daddy told her that he was licking it because it hurt. The next day, Kirstyn hurt her foot and immediately sat down and said, "Daddy, lick it!" Too funny!

  13. And my all time favorite is here!

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12 March 2008

Happy 80th Birthday Granny Rene!

Today is my Granny Rene's 80th Birthday. Kirstyn and I called her today to sing Happy Birthday to her and Kirstyn asked her if she ate any cake. She said no, but she would make one for this weekend when we come to visit! That is just like my grandmother....it is her birthday and she can't wait to make a cake for us! She puts everyone before herself. (for example...she is eating by herself at Christmas because she spent the entire time we were eating, running around the kitchen serving us all seconds and more bread and playing with the kids as they finished....we used to try to get her to sit down with us but we have all learned that is a futile effort!) Anyway, Happy Birthday Granny Rene (or Rene Rene as Kirstyn says it! or even better... Green Bean as in what Carter always thought we were calling her!)

*Update on James: We see the ENT tomorrow afternoon!

11 March 2008

ENT, Here we come!

Well, I took James back to the Dr. today only to find out that his ears have not improved at all. Ugh. Poor guy. So now we are starting yet another antibiotic (stronger still) which is also supposed to keep his tummy upset. Well, that part is turning out to be true. Poor guy, tonight he is back on pedialyte because he can't keep the formula down. I have a call into the ENT trying to get an appointment. This is proving harder than expected because the ENT is taking next week off for Spring Break so his schedule is really booked up! Another ugh. I just want my little baby to get better....NOW!

Tonight I talked to my mom and my little nephew Bryton is also sick. Poor guy, he had to get a breathing treatment today at his doctor and was sent home with a treatment machine and antibiotics. Also, today my dad took Snoopy to the vet to have him put down. My mom said that he was not eating and doing much worse...so we made the right decision when we sent him home with them a few weeks ago.

On a happier note, Kirstyn had ice skating lessons tonight and they evaluated her and she got all positive scores! She was very excited to have passed Tot 1 at Ice Skating. I will post another video of her skating soon. I am just so proud of her (even more so because I know how hard it is because I can't do it!).

10 March 2008

Susan has moved in!

Okay, I am so excited. I have always wanted one of these Lazy Susans and today my hubby brought me one home from my MIL! Look how big it is! I have two events this month where I know I can put it to good use. I am helping host a baby shower and then I am having our MOPS Steering Team over for dinner. (I know, I know, Tracy, this is why I have a storage problem in my kitchen! There are too many kitchen items that I just really NEED!) And, look at my sick little boy with that precious smile! James is still running fever and still has an upset tummy (now from the really strong antibiotics, at least he seems to be over the stomach virus that he had). We go back to the pediatrician tomorrow to see if the two ear infections are any better. Looks like we will probably be seeing an ENT next.

09 March 2008

Date with Kirstyn

Well, my date with Kirstyn today did not go as planned but we had a great time! Turns out that the Junie B Jones play that I wanted to take her to was sold out so we tried to get tickets to Aladdin Jr. and that too was sold out. Ugh. So, off we went to Half Price Books where we found a Barbie book that we just had to have (I just find it exciting that she wants books now that have more words than pictures.)! After the book store, off we went to the movies. We went to the Studio Movie Grill to see the new Disney movie, College Road Trip. I have to say that I was just praying that she would enjoy it since my other great ideas had not worked out. Since we were on a "fancy" date, Kirstyn was allowed to order my dinner for me, so we both had a kid hamburger and boy was it yummy! The movie was also really good (maybe because my expectations were soooooo low!), but Kirstyn and I both really enjoyed it and got several good laughs. After we left the movies we went by Costco just because it is right there and she saw it and asked if we could go. She knows how much her mommy enjoys wandering around in the warehouse stores and I think she is following in my footsteps on that one. She likes to kick back in the giant buggy and look at all the giant things and cool home items. I found a shirt for $11 and Kirstyn picked out a sun dress for $12. Not bad...

08 March 2008

Sick Days and A Fun Night Out!

Well, I have been partying like crazy here on the couch with my laptop while holding my sick 9 month old little James. Poor guy, this all started on Tuesday morning when after his bottle he "gave it back" so to speak. So, when he didn't keep his second bottle of the morning down a few hours later I knew that something was wrong with our little guy. We went to the doctor and found out that he indeed had a stomach virus and an ear infection in both ears (ouch!). By Wednesday morning it was looking like we were going to get to go to the local children's hospital for an IV when by the grace of God he finally held down a few ounces of pedialyte. Then finally on Thursday he was able to hold down his antibiotics for his ears. He hasn't slept good since Monday so my husband and I are both dragging and well, Kirstyn has been very kind and understanding but was in much need of some attention. Today, David took her with him and they went on a "date" to the mall to go ice skating. She had a great time and felt very special. Tomorrow, after she and daddy get home from church (James and I don't get to go because he still has a little fever), I will be taking her on a surprise "date." We are going to see a play. I am as excited as she is. Stop back for pictures from our date!

Oh, I forgot, the main reason I wrote this was to tell you that I got to go out tonight to party to a ladies night with some ladies from my Sunday school class. We were all given the instructions to bring our favorite winter pjs in a brown paper sack to the get together. We all drew numbers and opened the bags one at a time. One was a really tiny bag and everyone was afraid to open it! Too funny, anyway, this was a great little party game. After everyone's was open we all voted on the "hot mamma", "cold as ice wife", and "queen of the pjs". It was really funny and our hostess, Carol, gave out prizes. The "hot mamma" was given some things to "cool" her down in bed to make the rest of us not look so bad...she got some Doritos to make her breath stink, some curlers for her hair, etc. The "cold as ice wife" needed some help in the bedroom so she got a little black number, some candles, a latin music cd, etc. The "queen of the pjs" got a tiara to wear! We all laughed very hard and had a great time guessing what pjs went with what lady!

Do you have any clever ladies night ideas? Or do you have a sick little one? Please share!

07 March 2008

Welcome to My Party!

I am so glad that you decided to stop by my party here in Texas. I know this is just one of the many stops you will make while visiting the many parties participating in The Ultimate Blog Party '08 that 5 Minutes for Mom is hosting. I hope you brought along your wardrobe! Today we have snow on the ground but by the end of the week we could be wearing tank tops and shorts and basking in the sun on the back porch! I hope my flowers perk back up when the sun comes back out. Oh and in spite of my scrapbooking injury (see picture of finger with said injury) I plan to party hop like crazy!

Let me tell you a little about what "Normal to Natalie" is... It is normal for you to find toys in the floor, my children running about, at least one TV turned on (even if no one is watching), my laptop out where I can just 'stop by' and check on things, the dryer running, dishes in the sink, at least one unfinished project that is "in progress" today, and some good (low in POINTS) food cooking (often slightly creative and with plenty of help)! If you want to learn more about me then you need to read this and this. If you want to laugh really hard then you need to read this post since I now consider you my friend! The wallpaper in my kitchen has some sayings on it that I think describes me well:

Please stop back by often for some fun with us in what we like to call our "Normal" lives! Oh and don't forget to leave a comment to let me know you stopped by!

Oh, one more thing....what is a party without a goody bag? Well, I am so excited about all of the prizes that are being given away at the end of this huge party! Have you checked the list to see what you want to win? I have and I hope to win one of the following (but hey, I would be excited to win just about anything!):
  • Jill's Book Bag (#100)
  • Webcam (#72)
  • Shopping for me! $25 Gift Card to Target (#117) or $25 CASH (#59) or $23 CASH (#55)
  • PINK Legos (#103) for Kirstyn and I to enjoy together...we will just have to keep James from eating them!
  • Baby Signing (#17) so Kirstyn and I can learn to talk to baby James
  • Noah's Ark Stacking Blocks (#85)...guess since I put the legos for Kirstyn on my wish list I decided I needed to pick out a little something James would like on my list.
  • Oh and any one of the blog redesigns would be a fun prize!

***Update 3/12: Well, I was right about the weather....it got to 80 degrees today here! Also, how are you approaching the huge mr. linky list? I have visited all of the blogs that registered with Mr. Linky before me (I am #129). Now, I am going to visit as many of the blogs that are in a mr. linky number that ends in 9. I'm not even sure I will make it through that many before the afterparties start!

06 March 2008

SNOW in Texas!

Well, on Saturday we were working in the yard wearing shorts and today it snowed! Kirstyn was so excited even though I was disapointed that we didn't get as much snow as they did just 30 minutes north of our house. Here are some pictures of Kirstyn out in it all! She was so funny, she was running around on the deck making "paw prints" and right as I was going to take a picture her feet went out from under her and she found herself looking up at me! I was laughing and taking her picture! Then we went out front to check on the flowers and take a picture of our tiny bit of snow. After we came in and Kirstyn had a nice hot bubble bath, she and I made "Snowmen" Cornbread for dinner. Pretty cute huh! (I have several random cast iron pans like that...yes, Tracy, I know that is why I often find myself with a storage problem...but it is FUN!)

I Can't Wait to PARTY!

Okay friends....you have to plan to come to the party! See the invitation below:
Ultimate Blog Party 2008
I have prepared my family...I have taught my 4 year old to prepare her own food and feed her brother his baby food. We have enough clothes and towels to survive a whole week without me doing laundry and well, the hubby can play Pantry Survivor (really, honey, it will be fun!) Now, I'm going to get dressed up (in my yoga pants and a t-shirt with no stains) and sit down with a warm cup of coffee and my laptop and PARTY! Hope to see you there!!!

Thursday Thirteen - 3rd Edition

13 Phrases I have actually heard while interviewing for office help for our agency! (I put my own thoughts in the parenthesis!)
  1. I can't work on Tuesdays or Thursdays because I have to go to court ordered anger management. (what!?!?!?!)
  2. I don't like insurance. (no problem...that is all we do around here!)
  3. I don't deal with kids! (can she not tell that I am very pregnant and that this is a FAMILY business!)
  4. I'm not really interested in learning about insurance stuff, I just need a job. (great, I was just looking for someone to give money to!)
  5. I can't multi task and don't want to learn how. (why are you interviewing???)
  6. I don't do personal anything.
  7. I don't see the point in buying car insurance. (that's what pays our bills! and it is the state law!!! ugh.)
  8. Will I need to come to work every day? (ummm...no, can I just mail you the paycheck for no reason!)
  9. Do I have to learn a bunch about insurance? (nope, you can just sit here and look pretty!)
  10. I's (I is) great on da (the) phone. (sounds like it!)
  11. Can I get paid sick time...cause I'm sick a lot. (let me think about that...um, no!)
  12. I have school classes on Tuesday and Thursday but I don't go very much. (ummm...responsibility?)
  13. I guess I could do some stuff around your office. (huh? maybe like WORK!)

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04 March 2008

Look at her GO!

This is a video of Kirstyn at her ice skating lesson tonight. She is doing so good. She is the one in the purple with the pink helmet. Just this morning she told me that this was going to be her last lesson because she wasn't doing good, but tonight after the lesson she was sooooo proud of herself. She was able to stand up in the middle of the ice all by herself and she skated without needing to push a bucket! We are very proud of her!

Being Silly!

Last night, David got home from work early (5:30!) so he gave the kids a bath before dinner and then we had dinner together. After dinner we had some time to just be silly. It was storming outside and it is hard to play games with Kirstyn that James won't try to eat so Kirstyn suggested that we take some silly pictures! We would set the camera up on some books or on the chair arm and then run around the room to "pose" before the camera took our picture. We had a great time and James just had fun laughing at all of the commotion! This one we had the camera sitting on one of James' toys and we all ran and got on the couch upside down! I almost didn't make the picture after helping the kids get on with Daddy! I think I was still in motion when it snapped the shot!

03 March 2008

My Meme Monday!

Okay, my new blogging friend Kami tagged me with a meme...

Here are the rules:
Go back through your archives and post the links to your five favorite blog posts that you’ve written.

1. Link one must be about family
2. Link two must be about friends
3. Link three must be about yourself
4. Link four must be about something you love
5. Link five can be about anything you choose

Now for my attempt at this. I am approaching 300 posts however many of mine were one-liners because when I started this blog the only purpose was for relatives to see pictures of Kirstyn without me having to remember who had asked me to email them some.

1. Every year we vacation in South Texas and get to see many of my dad's side of the family that we don't get to see any other time. I love spending time relaxing at the beach and spending time with my family! 2007 at the Beach. 2006 at the Beach. 2005 at the Beach. 05 Seagull Pictures!
2. Mommy's Friends! This story will make you laugh so you have to read it!
3. Well, I don't have much on here about me except my TT posts 1st Ed. and 2nd Ed.
4. My something that I love is my husband David and this post was written by him when he started this blog and then I took it over a few months later when he had not posted again!
5. Kirstyn used to do silly things with socks....like this and this!

Well, I'm not going to tag anyone specific, but if you want to play then please feel free!