08 March 2008

Sick Days and A Fun Night Out!

Well, I have been partying like crazy here on the couch with my laptop while holding my sick 9 month old little James. Poor guy, this all started on Tuesday morning when after his bottle he "gave it back" so to speak. So, when he didn't keep his second bottle of the morning down a few hours later I knew that something was wrong with our little guy. We went to the doctor and found out that he indeed had a stomach virus and an ear infection in both ears (ouch!). By Wednesday morning it was looking like we were going to get to go to the local children's hospital for an IV when by the grace of God he finally held down a few ounces of pedialyte. Then finally on Thursday he was able to hold down his antibiotics for his ears. He hasn't slept good since Monday so my husband and I are both dragging and well, Kirstyn has been very kind and understanding but was in much need of some attention. Today, David took her with him and they went on a "date" to the mall to go ice skating. She had a great time and felt very special. Tomorrow, after she and daddy get home from church (James and I don't get to go because he still has a little fever), I will be taking her on a surprise "date." We are going to see a play. I am as excited as she is. Stop back for pictures from our date!

Oh, I forgot, the main reason I wrote this was to tell you that I got to go out tonight to party to a ladies night with some ladies from my Sunday school class. We were all given the instructions to bring our favorite winter pjs in a brown paper sack to the get together. We all drew numbers and opened the bags one at a time. One was a really tiny bag and everyone was afraid to open it! Too funny, anyway, this was a great little party game. After everyone's was open we all voted on the "hot mamma", "cold as ice wife", and "queen of the pjs". It was really funny and our hostess, Carol, gave out prizes. The "hot mamma" was given some things to "cool" her down in bed to make the rest of us not look so bad...she got some Doritos to make her breath stink, some curlers for her hair, etc. The "cold as ice wife" needed some help in the bedroom so she got a little black number, some candles, a latin music cd, etc. The "queen of the pjs" got a tiara to wear! We all laughed very hard and had a great time guessing what pjs went with what lady!

Do you have any clever ladies night ideas? Or do you have a sick little one? Please share!


Stacy said...

Sorry to hear James is sick. I hate when they are that sick and you can't make them feel better. Layla has been fighting infections in both ears since last month. Hope he feels better soon.

Kirstyn's dates sound like fun. That's a really great idea.

Hazel Martin Designs said...

What a GREAT idea! Sounds like so much fun!!!

Unknown said...

Oh, I do hope James is better soon.

Sounds like you girls had fun on your night out!

Anonymous said...

That Ladies Night Idea was too funny!!