13 March 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 4th Edition

Some really funny things that my darling daughter has said....my responses are in parenthesis.
  1. "Dear Diarrhea" (hummm...dear diary?)
  2. "You are not following the erections" (what!?!?! maybe we should follow the Directions!)

  3. "SH*%#" (this one made her a party attraction....my friends would say, 'Kirstyn, say FIX IT, and she would....she would say very clearly "SH#$@"....I'm glad she outgrew this one before she asked her Sunday School teachers to fix anything!)

  4. "A-WAZ" (because)

  5. "DDD" (D-V-D)

  6. "Why does brother have that?" (umm, his penis? because, that is the way Jesus made him.) "Jesus is really silly!" (such wisdom at such a young age! I'm one proud mommy!)

  7. The other day, Daddy was teaching her how to rhyme and if she couldn't think of a rhyming word, he was teaching her to work her way through the alphabet. For example, at, bat, cat, fat. Okay, so a few minutes later the word she was trying to rhyme was lick. I could see the wheels turning as she started working through the alphabet silently until she came up with something. She was sooooo proud when she screamed LICK - DICK! Daddy was officially now done playing this game. He couldn't wait to play Hi Ho Cheerio or Candyland!

  8. "One nation, under God, uninvisible, with littering and dust us for all!"

  9. Her bedtime prayer... "Dear God, thank you for our hearts, our pink ones, red ones, purple ones, (and on and on...I think she is thinking about valentines!) in Jesus name, Amen.

  10. Awwwww, Pickles! (too many episodes of Higgly Town Heroes!)

  11. Today I mentioned that maybe next week Pappy would take her fishing and then we could have fish for dinner one night. Her response: "MOMMY! That pond is dirty, those fish will have germs....AND I only eat fish from the Freezer!" (what was I thinking...I called Pappy and told him he better go fishing before we get there so that we can eat our fish from the freezer!)

  12. After watching Snoopy lick his wound on his back, Kirstyn asked what he was doing. Daddy told her that he was licking it because it hurt. The next day, Kirstyn hurt her foot and immediately sat down and said, "Daddy, lick it!" Too funny!

  13. And my all time favorite is here!

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marcia@joyismygoal said...

Oh I loved these thanks for sharing she is such ahoot :>

Anonymous said...

SO cute. You're lucky to be recording them---I wish I'd had the internet back in the day. You always think you won't forget. but alas, you sometimes do...

13 Hearts

Barb said...

Kids say the cutest things! :)

Rims said...

LOL I loved it....Kids are at their best!!!

Happy TT!

Unknown said...

Yeah, Daddy kind of got burned on the alphabet game there, didn't he! TEE HEE!!

I tagged you for a little meme, when you get a chance...

Stacy said...

These were to cute. I love the "oh pickles" one. When Lily, who's now 4, was just starting to talk she used to say that all the time. So it's always been one of my favorite sayings.

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Adorable! I love the things they come up with. I never laughed so hard until I had kids.


Brenda said...

Too funny! My little one used to call the movie Princess Diaries - Princess Diarrhea. I couldn't correct her...it was too cute! And my older one, while learning rhyming, was singing in her microphone at the top of her lungs, "Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck...F***,F, F,F! THAT one I did have to calmly correct! Kids are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Very cute Thursday Thirteen. I have a favor to ask. I was replying to your email, and I hit the wrong button - and I can't even figure out which button I hit because I've looked in archives, trash, spam - and I can't find the email anywhere. I searched your blog to find your email so I could email you, but I couldn't find that either. Would yhou email me again (thurs13@gmail.com) so I can respond about putting you on the blogroll. Where you have "Thursday Thirteen Blogroll" on your sidebar doesn't link to anything. Sorry for the extra trouble.

Melissa said...

LOL! Thanks for posting that! Every single one is hysterical! Lick-Dick, Priceless!!

Anonymous said...

Great list! My favorite is the rhyming game - kids. HAH! Thanks for stopping by my TT.