11 March 2008

ENT, Here we come!

Well, I took James back to the Dr. today only to find out that his ears have not improved at all. Ugh. Poor guy. So now we are starting yet another antibiotic (stronger still) which is also supposed to keep his tummy upset. Well, that part is turning out to be true. Poor guy, tonight he is back on pedialyte because he can't keep the formula down. I have a call into the ENT trying to get an appointment. This is proving harder than expected because the ENT is taking next week off for Spring Break so his schedule is really booked up! Another ugh. I just want my little baby to get better....NOW!

Tonight I talked to my mom and my little nephew Bryton is also sick. Poor guy, he had to get a breathing treatment today at his doctor and was sent home with a treatment machine and antibiotics. Also, today my dad took Snoopy to the vet to have him put down. My mom said that he was not eating and doing much worse...so we made the right decision when we sent him home with them a few weeks ago.

On a happier note, Kirstyn had ice skating lessons tonight and they evaluated her and she got all positive scores! She was very excited to have passed Tot 1 at Ice Skating. I will post another video of her skating soon. I am just so proud of her (even more so because I know how hard it is because I can't do it!).


Nadine said...

Ice skating...what fun. I hope your little one gets well soon.

Tanja said...

Double ear infections are just pitiful. So sorry your little fella is dealing with that. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm enjoying checking yours out as well. We lived in Frisco for a couple years, several years ago... before the big mall was finished. I hear it has really grown. And I miss the Texas Mountain Laurel that won't grow out here in TN. Yummy smelling stuff. Have a great day!

Stacy said...

Aww, poor James. What antibiotic did they put him on this time? Hopefully it will work and he'll be ok. I'll probably be in the same boat as you next week when we take Layla back to the doctor. She is still messing with her ears so I don't think her antibiotic is working.

Unknown said...

Oh, I hope you can get to see the doctor soon. Poor baby James. Congrats to Kirstyn though. Olympics here we come! ; )

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Oh poor baby, I hope the new meds do the trick. It's just no fun having a sick little one. There seeems to be way too much of it going on lately too.

Yay for Kirstyn! She's a girl after my own heart :-)