16 March 2008


First today at church, Neida and Paul dedicated Bryton Daniel. We took James and Kirstyn to church with us and they both did great! Kirstyn drew pictures and sang and James drank his bottle and took a really good nap on me! David held Bryton and managed to put him to sleep too. Just look at this cute picture of the cousins we took after church. Kirstyn, James, Logan, and Bryton. After church we all went over to mom's house for a big Birthday lunch for Granny Rene! Instead of cake we had every one's favorite "chocolate stuff", aka Chocolate Pudding Dessert. Kirstyn, Logan, and Carter were very proud to deliver the surprise to the table for Granny Rene. We finally managed to get a picture of Granny Rene with all 6 of her great grandchildren.

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Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Mmm, drooling over the chocolate pudding.

What a great day!