26 April 2007

David got to spend an hour at school this morning with Kirstyn for Donuts with Daddy. David called around to the donut shops and found one that would make strawberry glazed, PINK donut holes to take to school to share! Kirstyn was soooooo excited for him to bring pink ones for her!
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17 April 2007

Little Legends Storytime!

The kids were all very excited about storytime. The theme for the day was Clifford's Sports Day. The kids listened to the story and then had craft time, outdoor play time and a picnic in the kids area at the ballpark overlooking the field. After lunch we went back into the museum to the kids floor for some fun activities. When I got Kirstyn back to the office she fell asleep as soon as she sat down in her playroom! It was a fun day and I plan to take her back next month....she enjoys everything that has to do with the Texas Rangers!
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Little Legends Storytime at the Ballpark...

We took our playgroup to the ballpark for storytime. This picture turned out pretty good. Kirstyn is top left. Cooper is catcher, Ethan is the umpire, and Trinity is up for bat!
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Kirstyn is getting very good at riding her bike! She smiles like that almost the entire time she is on it. This picture turned out great and she was laughing because she was about to run over me!
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Testing the See-Saw!
Dee Dee and Pappy joined Kirstyn and Logan for some fun on Kirstyn's see-saw. We all had a good laugh and the kids had a blast playing together!
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Happy Easter!

We take a family snapshot every year before heading to church on Easter Sunday. Kirstyn was very proud of her princess dress.
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The Easter Bunny Brought a Bike!

Kirstyn's Easter Bunny went above and beyond this year. She got her first bike with a few candy filled eggs hanging on the handle bar! She is very excited about learning to ride!
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My Little Pony Live!

We won tickets to My Little Pony Live for April 7th. Dee Dee and Pappy were in town for Easter so Kirstyn, Dee Dee, and I went to the show while David and Pappy played golf in the SNOW! Kirstyn had a great time and was very excited at the end because we were so close she was able to catch one of the streamers that they shot out. :-)
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05 April 2007

Happy Easter! I just thought that this picture was too cute to pass up! Kirstyn was excited to be on her way to preschool for her easter party and egg hunt! She was excited about her new "bows" that DeeDee found for her! Posted by Picasa

Happy Easter

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Playgroup Easter Party!

At our party we had an easter egg hunt and we let the kids decorate their own easter egg shaped cakes with icing and sprinkles....they had a great time! Posted by Picasa
Kirstyn, Trinity, Ethan, Kaleb, Cooper, Conner, Mabrie, and Carter...(not pictured...baby Allie, Mabrie's little sister). Posted by Picasa
Kirstyn and Trinity.....FRIENDS! Posted by Picasa
Disney On Ice!
We took Kirstyn to see Disney On Ice in Fort Worth. Kirstyn loves the princesses and their stories. She was very excited that they put bubbles all over the arena when we went under the sea with Ariel. She also was impressed with the dragon in the Sleeping Beauty story that blew real fire onto the ice! David and I were pretty impressed with that part also! :-) Posted by Picasa
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We went to Six Flags for March 17th. We had a great time. All of the characters were out that day and that seemed to be Kirstyn's favorite part of the day! The weather was perfect for our day outside. Posted by Picasa
Tracy and I took Kirstyn and Trinity to Elmo Live! The girls had a great time and the show was really fun for all of us! Posted by Picasa