29 October 2007

Here is a snapshot of our playgroup Halloween Party. At least all of the big kids were in one place at one time. James was sound asleep so I didn't even put his costume on him. I decided to be a little nostalgic and post a picture from playgroup Halloween party 05. This also reminds me that I need someone to send me a few pictures from Halloween 06. Kirstyn got to go to the party but I had to miss it since I was working then due to my in-law's car wreck.

23 October 2007

No Time.

Today I started working on the blog with the intention of getting caught up on my pictures, but of course that did not happen! Seems like even when James is sound asleep and I go upstairs to blog, the moment my butt makes contact with the office chair all of his internal alarms sound and he screams. I don't really get this phenomenon because this is a baby that is mostly happy until I sit down in the office with a plan and then....well, lets just say, he is very convincing. UGH! So maybe one day I will get caught up on my pictures! Maybe I will make another attempt on Thursday while Kirstyn is at school.

Mimi's New Car

This is Mimi's new car that Kirstyn thinks is sooooo cool and I have affectionatly named "Mimi's Coffin"! I don't let Kirstyn go anywhere in that car other than the parking lot which for now is still okay with Kirstyn and Mimi.

Hoo Rah Days

We had a great time at HooRah Days in De Queen. Kirstyn and Logan enjoyed getting to spend some time together. Dee Dee and Granny Rene went with David and I and the kids. What a great day! Oh and check out my sling that I am carrying James in....best baby invention ever!
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Our very own princesses and prince at Mabrie's 3rd Birthday Party! Too Cute!!!
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Columbus Day

We spent the Columbus Day holiday at Six Flags. The weather was great and the kids had a blast! James just loves riding in the sit and stand stroller where he can just watch Kirstyn while she is having a blast!
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10 October 2007

Kirstyn and James

I just couldn't resist taking a picture of my beautiful children in their matching outfits!
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James Norley!

The best looking little boy ever! Our very own Little Norley for sure!!!
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James and Pappy

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James is Eating Cereal!

This is one of the many funny faces James makes while he is eating. We have started feeding him rice cereal during dinner and he makes some of the funniest faces and one of the largest messes I have ever seen! He loves to shove his hand in his mouth right after I give him a bite and then sometimes reminds us that he knows how to make a motorboat sound! Ugh. Rice cereal for EVERYONE!


Okay, my newest hobby! I am learning to use the embroidery feature on my sewing machine and having a blast! These are the burp cloths that I made for Neida's new baby boy that will be here around Thanksgiving. I think they turned out really great. I have many more projects in the works that I will try to remember to show off. Maybe one day I will get good enough at this to start selling something on ebay! Send me your thoughts!!!
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To The Zoo!

We went to the Fort Worth Zoo with Playgroup. James had a blast. Notice the great stroller that we have. Kirstyn rides standing up and James rides watching Kirstyn! She enjoyed seeing all of the animals and James had a blast watching her! Too cute!!! Oh and I got a great workout pushing this stroller with both kids loaded on it all over the zoo.
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Lack of Blogging

Okay, well I have decided to blame the fact that I only blog about once per month on the fact that I have a 1G memory card for my camera. I can take hundreds of pictures without having to download them to the computer...thus, it is hard to post pictures that are still living on my camera! Anyway, I am going to post our happenings for the month of Sept and part of Oct all at once! Gotta love it!