04 March 2008

Being Silly!

Last night, David got home from work early (5:30!) so he gave the kids a bath before dinner and then we had dinner together. After dinner we had some time to just be silly. It was storming outside and it is hard to play games with Kirstyn that James won't try to eat so Kirstyn suggested that we take some silly pictures! We would set the camera up on some books or on the chair arm and then run around the room to "pose" before the camera took our picture. We had a great time and James just had fun laughing at all of the commotion! This one we had the camera sitting on one of James' toys and we all ran and got on the couch upside down! I almost didn't make the picture after helping the kids get on with Daddy! I think I was still in motion when it snapped the shot!


Kamis Khlopchyk said...

What a great family activity! We'll have to try that one around here :-)

Unknown said...

Y'all are silly - that is too cute!! I love it!