20 February 2008

Great Day!

I know you are wondering how today went with our new food chart. GREAT! Kirstyn was so excited about working on her chart and encouraging Daddy and I to also do good. She even called Daddy at lunch time to remind him to eat at least one vegetable! (Ann - you should be soooo proud of us!) Kirstyn was able to mark out all of the boxes on her chart. We found the most difficult one to be the "grains" group. Kirstyn got to put an 'X' in her last box when she had a piece of Cinnamon Toast (whole wheat bread) for dessert tonight! We also had an active day of playing outside in the beautiful weather we had today. Here is a very cute picture of James in the swing that I took yesterday.


Unknown said...

Oh, that IS a cute pic! He's smiling so big - he must LOVE the swing.

Great job on the food chart! Ben has always eaten a pretty balanced diet but this is a great idea and may I have to implement something like this in the future.

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

I want to squeeze him! What darling :-)