14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I was very excited to get a picture of the two of them together that was pretty good. I took another one where James had a better smile, but for some reason the picture wasn't in focus. ugh. Anyway, we hope that you have had a wonderful Valentine's Day! James has an ear infection and is not feeling well tonight. I am on the computer because David is being an awesome Daddy and is taking care of the fussy baby right now. How's that for romantic! :-) We had a great day. Kirstyn had her Valentines party at school and David picked her up from school with some flowers in hand for her. She was soooooo excited and announced that she likes valentines even better than Christmas because everything is pink and you get flowers! She also started her day with a heart donut. yummy... David "cooked" dinner tonight and we had Mamma's Pizza (I choose what I wanted and it sounded really good). I feel very blessed to be so surrounded by so many people that love me! We hope you have had a great holiday too!

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Unknown said...

Ok, I am totally loveing James' hair in this picture - too cute. Kirstyn looks like such a big sister too! Great update - keep it up!