15 February 2008

"Mommy's Friends"

Okay, I just have to share this story about something Kirstyn said the other day.

Kirstyn was helping MiMi (David's mom) empty the trash cans at the office when suddenly she stopped what she was doing, put her hand on her hip and marched back into MiMi's office. And the conversation went as follows:
K: Mimi, Why did you throw away your friends?
M: I didn't throw away my friends....
K: Mimi, we don't lie!
M: Punkin, I guess I don't know what you are talking about.
K: Mimi, yes you do, you threw away the pictures of your friends.
M: Show me...
K: Okay....
(This is where Kirstyn left Mimi's office and proceeded to return carrying the newspaper obituaries!)

I almost peed my pants laughing!!!!
So, I proceeded to join Kirstyn in questioning Mimi as to why she threw away those nice pictures of her "friends"! Mimi, was trying too hard not to laugh too so she just took back her pictures and put them on the corner of her desk!

Now this story would not be as funny but the next day, Kirstyn had her friend Meghan over for a playdate and they were upstairs in the playroom playing away when I asked them what they were doing. They answered back that they were playing a new game. Okay, I thought and went back for another cup of coffee. A few minutes later our conversation went like this (I was still downstairs and the girls were upstairs in the playroom):
Me: Girls, what new game are you playing?
K: Your game.
Me: What game is that?
K: The one with your friends on it.
Me: (very interested now, thinking back to the pictures of Mimi's friends in the obits)...hummmm, I don't know which one you are talking about.
K: I'll show you mommy....
Then, Kirstyn held up the top of the game's box to show me "my friends" and she was playing with my Desperate Housewives boardgame!!!!
Me: OHHHHHHHHHH.....Have Fun!
Halleluah! My self esteem has just gone through the roof and I couldn't wait to call Mimi and tell her about MY friends and what they looked like! (She hung up on me! She was laughing when she did!!!) I may forever make jokes about our friends.

So, if you are my friend and reading this.... You should feel great about yourself. If you are Mimi's friend....well....

Take this quiz to see which Housewife you are and let us know in the comments section.


Unknown said...

Yeah, I am your friend, so I feel really good too right about now. Can I be Brie?? LOL!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

TOO funny! Grandma's friends are dead and your's are hollywood A list actors.



Can I be one too?