29 February 2008

Cowgirl Kirstyn

Too cute! Kirstyn was studying Cowboys this week at school so on Tuesday they made "yard stick horses" and then on Thursday they were supposed to dress Western. This is her outfit that we managed to put together! This is a hat from her dress-up trunk, her boots were from last year and were a size too small but she remembered they were in her closet and insisted on wearing them. We sent her crocs for her to change into at school. The t-shirt she is wearing is one that Dee Dee and Pappy brought her back from King Ranch. It is huge because it was the only one they had there that was pink so they thought she could wear it as a gown.... well, she was very excited to have a cowgirl shirt to wear to school. I think it turned out looking pretty good.

1 comment:

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

That's a great outfit!

Jack had a day like that last year and we had to borrow stuff, we ain't no western family, yo.