25 February 2008

Next Time the Trash will go out on Schedule!

This is my darling husband....and well, let's just say that the next time I ask him to take the trash out, I am sure it will get done! Poor baby, he was apparently getting a few things down from the attic on Saturday when one of the items attacked him on the way down the stairs. He didn't even realize until Sunday morning that he had really hurt himself. His eye just kept looking worse so today he went to the eye doctor just to double check that everything was okay and thankfully it was. Now he has some special eye drops to use and just has to wait on it to get better. I kept telling him he needed to come up with a better story as to what happened but since he didn't...I am going to take credit!


Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Oh no! Hope it's better soon :-)

stuff like that happens to me all the time so I can relate!

Kat said...

Ouch! Hope he feels better soon!

Unknown said...

whoops! that looks painful... So where's your fridge?? : )