19 February 2008


At our house what we can eat and when is often a topic of conversation. Lately Kirstyn has been on a cheese kick. She sometimes picks a certain food and wants to eat it all of the time. I guess I should be thankful that she is not standing at the pantry begging for cookies or candy, but I really want to teach healthy eating habits without making it into a battle. I have dealt with 'food' issues my entire life. I can remember being in elementary school and being jealous that my "skinny" friend would bring like 4 or 5 cookies for dessert and I was only allowed 2. Anyway, the last few days I have found myself at 4:00 in the afternoon sounding like the mom I didn't want to sound like. I am standing holding a banana, apple and orange saying pick one...while Kirstyn is standing by the fridge asking once again for a cheese stick or baby bell or for cottage cheese or a yogurt...really anything in the milk food group. I don't want to fight with her about what she can eat and not eat, I just want healthy eating to be something we just do at our house!So, after much thinking and praying about how not to make food a big "issue" I think I have come up with a plan.

I have made a food chart to put up for us to try to "fill" up each day. I plan to make David and I one also and we are going to have a family challenge. I haven't decided on the prize(s) yet so I am all for suggestions. I don't really want the prize to be something like ice cream, I would like to come up with something "active". Maybe after everyone has filled up 10 charts we will all go to the park or to the lake to feed the ducks or something.

If you are looking at this and think I have it off from the reccomended servings...I have tried to make this something that Kirstyn (age 4) can understand without too much reminding and help. For example, according to the government, children her age should get the equivalent of 2 cups of milk per day. Well, Kirstyn doesn't ever take in one cup at a time. She usually eats/drinks milk in servings of around 4 oz in the form of cheese sticks or 1/2 cup of yogurt or cottage cheese. So, I put 4 'servings' of milk on her chart. The meat is by ounces, apparently she only 'needs' 4 oz of meat/beans per day. I may let her use/play with my weight watchers scale to see what portions of meat look like. Like I said, I want this to be fun for all of us! I hope that by making the prize a family one, we will encourage each other to 'fill' up our charts each day!

I realize this is going to be the most work for me but I keep telling myself that mothering isn't supposed to be easy.....plus this should help me with my Weight Watchers progress too! Let me know what you think and don't forget to leave me ideas for "family prizes" that can offer a pretty quick turn around and not cost me a lot of money!


3 Girls and a Daddy said...

Mabrie is like Kirstyn with the cheese. My goodness that child loves the milk group!! She would drink milk and eat cheese for every meal if I would let her. Let me know how this works I think I should do this to keep me accountable. I dont keep track of how many of each food group we are all getting daily. Both girls love fruit and veggies but I have a hard time getting meat in them. I may need a copy of that chart :)

Jenny said...

I just had one of those, "Duh, why didn't I think of that?" moments.

My kids eat healthy, but I'm always worried about how rounded it is. Your chart is a great idea!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

This is a great idea! We do talk about balance and I will say no more bread, now it's time for some fruit. My kids LOVE bread, pasta, any carb really.

Thanks Natalie, I may borrow this idea as we have started a chore sheet so it will be nice to add one more thing.

We are doing family outings as the reward for that one... no more "stuff" - they have enough of that and they don't really appreciate it. Family time is something they both love and they look forward to it. Swimming and supper or a movie and supper out - Jack is almost at the point where he gets to redeem one and he's over the moon excited.