20 April 2010


For the past few days I have really been doing a lot of thinking about me and my weight loss stand still. I think that I still have about 10 pounds that I can loose and maintain once I get it off but for some reason unknown even to myself, I have not lost it. I think that I am starting to figure out why. I'm resistant to making changes that I'm unsure that I can maintain. I'm still not sure I'm ready and let's be honest, most of this battle with weight is won or lost in our heads way before the battle meets us in our kitchen or at the grocery store.

Last night I was talking to my friend Becky at the gym and I was telling her that for about the last year I have stopped being so strict on my calorie and points counting. I think subconsciously I had to prove to myself that I wouldn't gain all of the weight back like so many others I know have. She put it very simply, "you won't, you've changed your lifestyle too much." She's right. I have. And I'm not willing to change it back to the way it was because I feel like I am in a war right now to protect my children and their health!

Speaking of our children and their health, have you watched Food Revolution? Wow. I am so excited about this show and the education it is offering to America. Jamie Oliver has a petition online right now that you can sign that will help get better foods into the school cafeterias. This is so important. I've said over and over again that much of my weight problem was ignorance toward nutrition. I think kids will learn better when they are fed better. What do you think?



Unknown said...

yes. self sabotage in a way.
i'm struggling as well. I lose the pounds to my ultimate goal and then put them back on, for a while now I've been yo-yoing...
i still haven't completely figured out why, i do know it's in my head somewhere...but haven't figured out how to change it...how to defeat the stinkin thinking...but we will get there...I am sure of it.

Kerry said...

Natalie, you have done a great job! What Becky said last night is SO TRUE! You have made a complete lifestyle change and are so willing to share with others. You are very dedicated and I know you will lose those final 10 pounds.

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

The final ten are a bugger! I struggled for a long time to get those to go and I keep putting 2 or 3 back on, realize it, and then get back on track. It's normal.

I think Becky is right, there is no way you could possibly go back unless you also went back to your old habits. You have two, no four precious reasons not to. You and your family.

You have come so far. Be proud and stay strong!