21 June 2010


I haven't really written much about James and I wanted to make sure I shared this...

My little guy is often told:
"You sure are pretty for a boy."
"You are just too pretty."

He has recently started responding:
"I NOT pretty, I James!"
"My eyes pretty."

I love this kid. He makes my day a happy place! Just today David asked for a hug from "my big boy" and James responded, "I momma's big boy....... I momma's boy, I momma's boy!"

Thank you God for my boy!



Unknown said...

So, SO sweet. And he does have pretty eyes.

Cheryl said...

he's very handsome with stunning eyes....those eyes will be charmers one day!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

He's pretty handsome, that's what he is. Love his response, go James, you tell 'em!

Kerry said...

He's such a cutie and has such a huge personality for such a lil guy!!