17 September 2010

Webkinz Jr.

Thanks to MomSelect and Webkinz Jr. I got to host a playgroup at my house that included goodies to give away to my friend's kids! We already love Webkinz at our house so I was anxious to see if WebkinzJr would live up to the name. They do!!!

James was over the top excited to help me stuff the goodie bags! Each one had a Webkinz Jr stuffed animal with a code to activate on the website to make their animal come alive. There was also a CD with some fun kids songs and a coloring book to put in the great reusable shopping bags.

James picked out his puppy and then anxiously awaited the arrival of his friends so that they could pick out there animals! James' buddy, Nate, also picked out the puppy. Then sweet Allie picked out the pink elephant. Jackson got the grey cat and both Christian and Chance loved the giraffe. A few of our friends weren't able to make it but they will be getting their sweet Webkinz Jr plushes. We had a great time playing with our animals and coloring in our coloring books.

James was so excited about naming and activating online his Webkinz Jr. See, he has watched big sister play with her Webkinz and he understood the fun that was in store! I was so excited to find how easy it was for him to navigate the website on his own. He is loving logging in each day to find out what the letter and number of the day are! Then he loves the games in the museum where he can work a dinosaur puzzle "all by himself".

James LOVES his WebkinzJr that he lovingly named Puppy Norley after himself. He has not let him out of his site in a week! And he begs to log on each day to check on his "website". I love that it has turned out to be a great tool for bribing my kid learning!

Do you love Webkinz at your house? If you have a child between the age of 3 and 6 then I highly recommend that you try WebkinzJr!

*Disclaimer: NO MONEY was given to me, just the goodies to pass out to my friends. My opinion is my own.


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Kamis Khlopchyk said...

My boys both have Webkinz - they don't get to use my computer too often to go on the website though!