23 February 2008

Follow That Rabbit!

Today we segregated the family and the girls (Mom, Kirstyn, and I) went to CATS to see Follow That Rabbit, a play/musical based on Alice in Wonderland. Now let me tell you, I hated Alice in Wonderland as a child. I remember crying if it was the Sunday night movie on ABC and I also remember having nightmares about how they wouldn't let Alice attend the tea part and my nightmares would always have the crazy queen chasing me around screaming "off with her head". Ugh...so when I saw it was going to be coming on Disney channel I naturally made a mental note to make sure we missed that one. Well, my darling husband recorded it because he thinks that me talking about this terrorizing movie is funny and he wanted to "suprise" me. He enjoyed this movie as a child and decided that he and Kirstyn would watch it together. Well, of course she loved it. I still think the writers must have been on crack, but I digress, Kirstyn was so excited to get to have a girls day. She said she missed having days with the girls. I hadn't really thought about it but I guess this was the first time since brother was born that she got a day with both her DeeDee and Mommy. Usually her Daddy and Pappy go play golf so that is just how it works out. Anyway, during intermission at the play, we got to go to a "Tea Party" with the characters. Kirstyn was star struck! She got autographs on her program and everything! After the play, we went to Celebrity Cafe and Bakery, the resturant that Kirstyn now refers to as the "fancy pink resturant". Then we went shopping to Children's Place, Sam's, and Target. It was a busy day but I think Kirstyn enjoyed having my attention without brother around. I am just glad I took the time to seek out something fun and inexpensive for us to do today. I tend to forget about the great playhouses we have here in the metroplex.

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Kamis Khlopchyk said...

What a great day! It's hard after the second one comes along to plan days like this but when you do, they sure do appreciate it.

Can't wait to see pictures!