17 February 2009

Summer Planning Already?

Seriously, I know that there are already flowers blooming in my yard....

And I don't intend to talk about the weeds that are thriving...

But, is it already time to plan our summer?

The answer my friends is, YES. Summer planning is in full force.

At church they are starting the recruiting process for Vacation Bible School.

We have already renewed our Six Flags Season Passes (Kami, this year they gave us free passes for friends... just a thought for when you plan your summer!)

We already have our week scheduled at the beach and my mom and dad will be there along with my sister, brother in law, and their two boys!

Yesterday, David stood in line for over 30 minutes to register Kirstyn for a fabulous nature school that she attends every summer.

So, the answer is, yes, my friends.... time to plan summer!

And then, (holding back tears) in the fall (*gulp*)...

Kirstyn starts Kindergarten

and James will go to pre-school!

What are your summer plans?



Anonymous said...

I am holding back tears too, honey. But we will get through it!

Jaimee said...

Wow, your baby going to kindergarten! It will be an awesome time for you once you get past the initial shock, I'm sure!

Sounds like you have a great summer planned! We are probably going to get season passes to the Ft. Worth Zoo and the Dallas Arboretum soon - I love both of those places in the spring/summer!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Oh Natalie, you tempt me so!

Kamden starts kindergarten too. It's the end of an era for me. *sniff*

Christina said...

Why are you even thinking about the fall yet?! Just focus on the fun of summer! We haven't made any specific plans yet...but you're right - it's time!

Stacy said...

Wow, you sure are ahead of the game. I haven't even started thinking about summer yet. Other than the fact that I'll probably be babysitting all summer.

I know what you mean about kindergarten. I just signed Lily up for kindergarten round up on Friday and I'm so not ready for her to go to school.

Gretchen said...

WHOA we have 6 flags season passes this year too! It's our first time ever so I hope we use the heck out of them. I am still counting on getting the free season pass for being the reading coordinator at my kids' school. We'll see how THAT works out, eh? Maybe we can go together sometime!

Unknown said...

ok, first, I thought, no, it is not time to plan for summer.

then I read.

and yeah. I guess we have started a little too.

kids are all signed up for t-ball and softball.

and, my bubba will be starting kindergarten in the fall as well. I will have BOTH of my "babies" in elementary school.

Kate in Austin said...

I am with you on summer planning. Ack. You have to jump when registrations open or they are full already!
We started K this year and yes, mommy needed the kleenex on day 1, but it has been a blast. She loves it and is learning so much! Kirstyn will LOVE it too!