09 February 2009

A Monday Meme

I received this from Kami and because there was a little meme attached I got motivated (well, sorta...she did give me this back in October!) I love your blog too Kami!

Where is your cell phone? in my bra

Where is your significant other? working

Your hair color? brown

Your mother? read Proverbs 31!

Your father? McGyver (Kami said this too and I thought...perfect, really, my dad is too!)

Your favorite thing? David would say its my laptop (can I get a blogger Amen!)

Your dream last night? I mostly have dreamless sleep or at least I never remember

Your dream/goal? To be a healthy weight for the first time in my life!

The room you’re in? living room in front of the tv with my laptop, well, on my lap!

Your hobby? does reading blogs count, or eating, or maybe more recently it is playing with photoshop

Your fear? Losing someone I love

Where do you want to be in 6 years? here. happy, healthy. working for WW or for the gym helping others learn the lessons that I have learned.

Where were you last night? at home

What you’re not? a good listener or encourager...but hey, we all have things that need work and at least I am aware

One of your wish-list items? a vacation for just me and David

Where you grew up? in De Queen, Arkansas population just under 5,000 (they installed red light #2 when I was 16 and red light #3 just a few years ago!)

The last thing you did? drank a cup of coffee and said "I love you" to James... then he said, "eww, Momma" and my heart melted!

What are you wearing? my pajamas!

Your TV? is almost always on

Your pet? Patty the pretty white cat and I miss Snoopy every single time I have to sweep random food out from under the high chair after every single meal!

Your computer? David says he is going to name since I spend so much time with it!

Your mood? mellow

Missing someone? my PawPaw. He died in 1992 and well my little rambunctious boy would have loved to play with him! Oh and PawPaw would have been so excited to know that I named James, James Norley! See, I was supposed to be Norley Frank Bickley IV but alas, I was a girl. He told my momma to go ahead and name me that and he would deal with anyone that didn't like it!

Your car? a Ford Explorer

Something you’re not wearing? makeup

Favorite store? Sams! I love to purchase in bulk and I love to look at their household items!

Your summer? Is guaranteed to be HOT! I live in Texas!

Love someone? of course

Your favorite color? Red

When is the last time you laughed? probably at something Kirstyn said.

Last time you cried? Just now, my eyes got watery while deciding what to type about my PawPaw (guess I will be doing a post about him soon!) Other than that, I'm not sure, but I was probably tired, hungry and out of WW points or standing on my bi-polar scale (which has been down again every. single. morning since Friday when it randomly jumped up to torture me at WW)!



Christina said...

What a small world - I have BEEN to DeQueen!

Anonymous said...

Aw, your PawPaw sounds so sweet. I love that he would have given you a boy's name and then stuck up for you. What a character. No amount of time passing can make us not want them back. I really enjoyed reading these things about you though - it is so cool that you remember the second traffic light being put in where you grew up! LOL.

Anonymous said...

lol. My neice keeps her phone in her bra too! I tried it once, but I sweat too much and my phone gets all wet! I hate it in my back pocket though, cause i either sit on it, or it is about to fall in the toilet (which happened twice to my sister because she put it in her back pocket)

Jaimee said...

What? cell phone in your bra? LOL!

And, my biggest wish is a long vacation with my hubby on a beach somewhere!!!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

That was great Natalie! And don't worry about taking a bit to do it, we all have bigger fish to fry than meme's :)

And I can't wait to read about your PawPaw, he sounds fantastic!