06 February 2009

Fat Fighting Friday - W2

Dear God,
When I get to heaven I expect my glorified body to have abs like these in the picture!


Okay, seriously...this week was launch week at the gym and all of the classes were so much fun! (I still surprise myself when I say things like I enjoy working out and I actually look forward to it most days!) This picture was taken by another girl (that I don't know) in the Body Combat launch and after class I asked her to email me a couple of pictures because....It is great blog material!

And in spite of the fact that I worked my @$$ off at the gym this week and I did good on my food tracking, I have to report that I am up 1.2 this week according to WW. I usually weigh every morning and I have been down all week so I almost cried (almost....I think instead I muttered something that should not be repeated) when according to my home scale I was up almost 2 pounds. Next Friday better be a good weigh in or my 20 in 20 goal is going to be hard because as it stands now, I need to lose 22 lbs in the next 18 weeks to reach that goal!

Are you joining me on this journey? What is your goal?

Even if you don't need to lose any weight.... are you going to do something to benefit your health this week? Exercise more? Eat less processed foods? Drink more water?

Please....share and encourage in the comments! I'm off to the gym for a Body Step class followed by a Body Flow class!



Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it. Women's weight can fluctuate day to day up to 5 lbs. Just watch the inches or you'll drive yourself crazy.

Dawn Mabry said...

I assume these are Les Mills classes, I love them. They do kick your bootie!! Just keep on keeping on. As for me, I am running my first marathon in a little over 5 weeks and I can't wait. Then after that it is FAT BURNING CENTRAL!!! The fat better watch out. It will come off slow but it will come off.

You know you could weigh tomorrow and the scale could show you down so don't get too discouraged.

Look at those legs on those 3 girls. I will take both the abs and the legs.

Kristy said...

Natalie -
I don't have your email addy - you can email me at ckckgile@sbcglobal.net

I would LOVE to answer all of your silly mom questions - been there and done that!

Anonymous said...

You go girl!
When I get to heaven, I want a body like that and some chocolate, lol!

Unknown said...

keep it up

I am struggling to STAY on the wagon...so that is my goal..MAINTAIN MAINTAIN MAINTAIN. :)

Computer Savvy Seniors said...

I have 20 more pounds to go and I just started a Master Swim class that I LOVE!

Cynthia said...

Just keep at it...I do every day:)

Jen said...

You WILL do awesome at your next weigh in. You continue to amaze and motivate me! Keep it up! I'm also trying to do the 20 in 20 with you! We CAN do this!!!

Jaimee said...

Hang in there Natalie. Just remember that you are working at it and doing great! That is the most important thing even tho those scales are torture mechanisms from time to time!!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

I have ab envy of those girls...I always comfort myself with the fact that they could not have possibly have children with those tight abs.....and if they have well then it's some kind of miracle then ;)

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Oh and what I am working on is my abs right now...I did wear a bikini in Hawaii and actually felt okay in my own skin...until I saw some unflattering pictures.

Sigh. This body image thing, it's a long road! But I have come so far, there is no way I am giving up now, I have never been healthier or fitter. If that is motivation, then I don't know what is :)

Kim H. said...

How great - I'll root you on to your goal... I'm currently working on a program for my treadmill. My treadmill is new and it has a card that I bought from iFit, and it has preloaded workouts from Jillian Michaels (Biggest Loser) on it... three workouts a week for 8 weeks.