10 February 2009

Some Random

Look, I thought I would do a post to prove to myself that my kids on occasion do get along! Seems like lately all I am doing is being referee!

Yesterday after breakfast and spending some time reading to James, Kirstyn looked at me and said, "I need to call Mimi."
Okay, no problem sis. I dialed and handed over the phone.

K: Mimi, I want to spend the night somewhere and I don't want to have to go to Arkansas today.
Mimi: I guess I better talk to Grandpa and call you back.
K: Mommy, Mimi is going to call me back. I hope she lets me spend the night, cause it takes a long time to get to Arkansas and I really want to sleep somewhere else tonight.
Me: Point taken.

Well, guess what. Kirstyn made her point and was able to spend the night with Mimi and Grandpa for the first time since James was born. I hope they let her spend the night again soon.

Also, yesterday was a pretty exciting day in my little blogging world. I was going through in my reader and noticed that I had won a Tees for Change from mizfitonline and then I went by the office to take Kirstyn to her MiMi and I got a package in the mail from Quaker that I had won from Super Healthy Kids! I was extra excited when I opened the box and found that in addition to the Oatmeal Pancake Mix that I had won they had also sent me a heart shaped mold for pancakes, a new whisk, and a wide spatula for flipping my pancakes! I plan to make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast on valentines day. We like to add blueberries to pancakes but I think in honor of valentines day, I will add chopped strawberries. I'll let you know how it turns out!
So tell me, do you get as excited as I do when you get something unexpected in the mail?


Honey Mommy said...

I just LOVE it when I win stuff. It is so much fun to get things in the mail!

Anonymous said...

I have a stranger than normal obsession with mail. I check the mail box two to three times a day to see if the mail man has come yet. And I order catalogues just to get stuff in the mail. I actually like junk mail.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Aw, that is sweet that Kirstyn is a big enough young lady to have a sleepover and some special quality time with Mimi. I love that they included a new spatula and whisk and heart-shaped mold with your pancake mix! That makes it such a complete and thoughtful prize. :) And yes, I get really excited when I get stuff in the mail!! I have been fortunate enough to receive so many wonderful and creative gifts from blog buddies as well as cards and photos. How can I not get excited?!! :)

3 Girls and a Daddy said...

I love getting things in the mail!!
Looks like you are one lucky girl.

Unknown said...

lots of love going on here!

Christina said...

That girl is a serious riot! N has never spent the night anywhere. Yay for goodies in the mail!!