03 February 2009

The Letter S

Today is brought to you by the letter...

Okay, so a few days ago my friend Stacie tagged me with a meme to list 10 things I love that start with a certain letter. She actually gave me the letter O but all I could come up with was the Big O and I'm not talking about Oprah so I picked a different letter (you're welcome Mom).

Anyway, this morning I discovered in Kirstyn's backpack that there was a sack that we were supposed to fill with items that start with the letter S to send to school. Ugh, guess I should have checked her folder last Thursday when she came home with this assignment rather than learning about it 30 minutes before it was time to leave for school! Never fear we were able to gather up things like Stuffed Scooby, Soap, Socks, Sandals, Scissors, Stickers, Spoon, Screw, Soup, Sharpie, Sharpener, Sunglasses, Salt and more.... of course after she left for school I thought of a few other things but hey, at least we completed her homework just. in. time!

So since I have S on the brain....here are my top 10 things that I love that start with S:
  1. my Sister!
  2. Seafood, especially Shrimp!
  3. Stickers and Suckers... the best bribes out there (I'm sure none of you good mothers know what I am talking about there.)
  4. Sandals...as in my Crocs Flip Flops! I can almost wear them year round here in Texas!
  5. Sponsors! Yes, that's right...I would love any Sponsor that would pay my way to Blogher!
  6. Soda (I don't usually use this word...I call everything with fizz a Coke..but it works). My favorite 'Soda' is Diet Dr. Pepper.
  7. Subscriptions....all my blog 'subscriptions' in my Google Reader and my subscriptions to my favorite magazines like Family Fun, Weight Watchers, and more.
  8. Salt, Sugar, Sweets.... Thus the reason I have to post Fat Fighting Friday!
  9. Sex...well, I almost managed to not talk about it (sorry Mom)...speaking of, have you joined in on the 1 Cor 7:5 Challenge?
  10. Step aerobics, specifically Les Mills Body Step!

Oh, and there is ONE more S that I love.... Stacie! Thanks for tagging me girl, even though I made up my own rules!

If you want to play, let me know in the comment and I will assign you a letter!



Unknown said...

cheater! lol.

good list regardless. :D

Unknown said...

Orders -love to give 'em
Outer Space-so facinating
Only you- cute movie
Ostrich- ODD bird...doesn't taste bad though.

ok, that is all I can come up with... ;)

Alicia said...

How fun!
LOL. (I would have been stuck with O too)

Jaimee said...

Wearing flip flops almost year round is one of my favorite things about Texas!!

Anonymous said...

I love your list!