19 December 2008

Older Man!

Today is David's birthday. We have a joke that runs every year from his birthday (12/20) until my birthday (12/25) about how I am with an 'older man'. This year we are both turning THIRTY!

For our birthdays, my mom and dad are being very brave and are taking James and Kirstyn for 4 nights. Yes, that is right, we will have almost 5 days and 4 nights together without having to change diapers, wipe noses, or play referee! We took the kids to Arkansas yesterday and had Christmas with my grandparents last night. We spent the night at my mom's so that Kirstyn could make David a special birthday breakfast (with DeeDee's help) and then we drove home! We plan to watch movies, sleep in, and eat at restaurants that don't have crayons! Mom and Dad are going to bring the kids home on Christmas Eve and will stay a few days to celebrate my birthday and Christmas.

This will be James' first time to be away from us over night. Kirstyn has been spending time alone on the farm since she was 27 months. We started her on a 4 night venture too. Since then she has spent at least a week each summer and usually a few nights over the Christmas holiday or over spring break. Pray that James does well so that he will get to go back this summer! This is also the first time David and I have been alone overnight since October 2006 when his parents were in a car wreck. That was a stressful time and I was about 6 weeks pregnant so I spent much of my time in the hotel bathroom (sexy, I know) and David was in the ICU waiting area at the hospital across the street with his parents. Needless to say, we are looking forward to enjoying our birthday week this year!

Oh and so you know, I am blogging to pass the time because David is busy setting up his birthday present from his mom... a Nintendo Wii! He is so excited.



Unknown said...

Oh, I'm so very excited for you Natalie!!! Enjoy. And happy early birthday, skinny girl.

Anonymous said...

My birthday was yesterday too :) I want a Wii!!! haha

Enjoy your alone time! it sounds like you are going too!!! :)

And Happy Birthdays!! You are just young things yet ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's too cute how your birthdays are so close! It's exciting that you will get some time alone! I hope you have a blast. Oh, and I'm sure your whole family will enjoy the Nintendo Wii. We love ours! In case I don't get back before the holiday, I will send you my good wishes now. Happy Christmas and Birthday! Maybe it would be easier if I just said, have a fantastic Festivus! LOL. :)

Christina said...

Happy Birthday, David! And happy almost-birthday to you. :o) 4 nights without kids, wow! N has never spent a night away from us. Oh, and you'll both love the Wii - so much fun!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Happy Birthday to you and your "older man"! And I hope you are enjoying your couple time, what a lovely way to celebrate your 30th b-days!

Merry Christmas too!

Unknown said...

Happy belated Birthday to David. Hope you two are enjoying yourselves! ; )

Unknown said...

Hey, my hubby and I are both 30 this year too! And his birthday's in Jan while mine is April, so my "older man" joke runs for 3 months! :)