13 December 2008

I need a t-shirt!

I have decided that I need a shirt that has a warning on it! That way before you say something to me or in front of me you will be fully aware that it might appear on my blog!

I think my shirt should say:

WARNING: Anything you say can and will be held against you on my blog!

What do you think? Maybe I could make some shirts and sell them.

Moving on... now I bet you want to know why I am in such a mood. Well, today was so much fun for my kids as we attended both Breakfast with Santa and Winterfest and I too was having a great time until.... Until a rude lady pointed out that since I was "with child, I should find somewhere to sit down and rest" (We had been standing in line for a while for Kirstyn to get in a bounce house.) I immediately told Kirstyn to stay in line and I walked over to the baby bounce house where David was monitoring James and told him he would have to go stand with Kirstyn so that I didn't hurt the woman in front of us. Then, not 30 minutes later another lady asked me when my baby was due! Agh. Really?

The only thing that made those two comments more tolerable was the at least 5 people that told me that "you are really shrinking" and "wow, you look great" and "look how skinny you are getting" and so on. Those comments mean so much to me so please keep them coming!

So, hopefully the last 15 lbs I have to lose will all come from my muffin top (which by the way, I have even when naked!). Now, I am off to find something to keep me from eating chocolate or drinking a big margarita! Thanks for listening...



Cynthia said...

Cute t-shirt idea!

Unknown said...

Yup...like the T-shirt idea. Very funny.

I can't believe that 2 women said that to you! Don't those ladies know not to say anything unless they're absolutely sure...and even then keep their mouths shut??? But, at least you've had more positive comments than pregnant ones.

Now, if I could transport myself down to Texas, I'd come and give you my 2 cents about how awesome you look.

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

The shirt is a fantastic idea! And GAH to those women. SHEESH! You look fantastic girl, remember the good comments and tell the bad ones to go you know where.

Some people need to think before they open their mouth. Seriously.

You are doing so fantastic don't let them get you down!

Honey Mommy said...

I probably would have KILLED those ladies. You NEVER ask someone if they are pregnant if you don't know them... DUH!

I think you are awesome... and inspiring to me, so forget those women!

LOVE your T-Shirt idea. I've thought of doing one that says, "I'm blogging this."

Sarah in Disturbia said...

I think if people make such jackass comments they deserve to be on your blog. No t-shirt warning required. You are awesome and shouldn't let anyone sway you otherwise!!

Rebeka said...

I cannot believe those women said those things to you! That's super annoying! But they don't matter because you ARE looking skinny and doing AWESOME!

Christina said...

I need a shirt like that, too! That's a million dollar idea if I ever heard one. :o)

And? You do not look pregnant. Seriously, what is wrong with people?!?!?!

Jaimee said...

First, LOVE the t-shirt idea!! You should definitely sell some!

Secondly, people are absolutely INSANE!! I can't believe someone actually said that to you! Unfortunately, the baby belly seems to be the last place that we lose after kiddos....I used to have a F-L-A-T tummy even when I was a little overweight before I had kids..sigh...Seriously, don't listen to those idiots...you are doing amazing!!

Unknown said...

omg, I would SO buy that shirt.

what is wrong with people? don't they know when to shut their hole? (you may use the comment on my page if you like ;) )

Next time give them your goal date for the due date...keep it as motivation in your head, just to show all of those morons that you are a skinny hot momma and no more babies to show for it.

Christie O. said...

Yes, I love the "I'm blogging this" tee shirt because pretty much everywhere I go my husband turns to me and says, "No. Not for blogging."

Christie O. said...


Yes, that's happened to me too. And all of my friends. So try not to let it make you feel bad. :) People suck. Ok, it's Christmastime, no they don't. But some of them do.