12 December 2008

Snowmen in Texas!

In spite of the fact that we almost never get snow in Texas, I adore SNOWMEN! As a matter of fact, the last time there was enough snow for me to build a snowman, I was in elementary school! This Christmas I didn't put out all of my snowmen because of this little darling but I still put out most of my favorites. (Little bugger looks really innocent there doesn't he...)

My tree is covered in non-breakable Snowmen this year. I have at least 30 more ornaments that I chose not to put on my tree this year so it looks a little bare to me but makes me smile every time I look at it.

This year my favorite part of the decorations are the kid's stockings. The giant snowmen stockings actually look like a boy and a girl. I bought two of the 'boy' looking ones last year before Christmas because it was James' first and I had to have matching stockings. And then this year while running errands for my MIL, I found the girl one that was the exact same size as James' stocking. Kirstyn was thrilled to see her Snowgirl stocking had hearts on her cheeks!

Speaking of Kirstyn, yesterday was her Christmas musical at pre-school. She was so excited to sing all of the songs and wear one of her pretty Christmas dresses! She did a great job and we enjoyed it too!

We have a weekend filled with Christmas activities....

Breakfast with Santa, Winterfest, and Dickey family Christmas!
What will you be busy doing?
Do you want to see more Christmas trees or share yours? Head on over to We Are THAT Family and join in!



Jaimee said...

Your tree and your mantle look so warm and homey! We skipped the tree this year because of our little booger...hoping that next year we can do it again! I miss having one up!

Christina said...

I love all the snowmen and the whole Christmas scene! Beautiful, Natalie!

And, apparently Fielder Road DOES do a Christmas show! I was just thinking the other day that I wish Nadia got to do one...I guess they only do it with the older kids.

Kristen said...

I have a thing for snowmen too! Probably because we don't get much snow! Love your tree!

SmilingSally said...

Your tree is beautiful. I talk about nonbreakable ornaments on my post too. Thanks for sharing. Here's mine.


Kamis Khlopchyk said...

I have snowman envy! Your tree is beautiful! It highlights how much we need MORE snowmen.

My husband will thank you for that ;-)

Anonymous said...

Snowmen rock! Word!

I heard about the snow in Texas and had I not seen video from a friend, I never would have believed it.

Of course, it's not such a big thing to me seeing as how we get tons of the annoying white stuff. *lol* But it's still really cool to see the reactions of people in places where it's almost unheard of.

BTW your tree is gorgeous! Really really beautiful!

Natalia said...

Wow! That is a big beautiful tree!

Merry Christmas!

Sarah in Disturbia said...

every year we have ornaments that are destroyed. . . . by toddler, by dog or by a ball that is not supposed to be thrown/kicked in the house. any celebration is beautiful and we will always have memories that make us laugh . . .if not this year, then next!

Unknown said...

I love snowmen too. your tree is gorgeous!