17 December 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 18th Edition

My friend Christina did this meme last week over on her blog and I thought it would make a fun Thursday Thirteen this week! Feel free to play along!

The Real Mom Meme

1. Real Moms don’t flinch when they talk about boobs. They do make you laugh your brains out.

2. Real moms go on vacation. Real moms go on vacation and learn to play traffic cop.

3. Real moms brag about their kids

4. Real moms do not mince words when they present the truth.

5. Real moms juggle

6. Real moms “resist the guilt and embrace the journey”

7. Real moms don’t give a damn to media generated Mommy Wars

8. Real moms have kids with potty mouths.

9. Real moms sometimes forget about toddler-proofing

10. Real moms know poop happens (and sometimes you just think it does.)

11. Real moms learn the hard way to keep the spice cabinet under lock and key.

12. Real moms know how to take a complement!

The rules: Copy the above text to your blog, leaving all links in tact, and add in who tagged you. Add your ‘real mom’ contribution to the list. Tag as many moms as you can.And meme-ify!

No tags today from me, but since this is a Thursday Thirteen, I need a 13th entry. Please leave yours in the comments!!!

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Anonymous said...

I think maybe this meme should be called "real GOOD moms" instead.

Anonymous said...

13. Real moms have ultrasonic hearing that alerts them when something's wrong, but can totally tune out trantrums and whining.

Merry Christmas from She Lives!

The Paperback Diva said...

Yeah, real moms are pretty tough.

Debbie@Like a Rose said...

Real Mom's know they are Mom's for life, not just till the kids move out.

Christina said...

Oh man Natalie, that's a good one!!! I'm even more honored to be called your friend now. ;o)

Unknown said...

That is a great list! I love it! Come check out mine!