09 April 2008

Thanks for asking!

How was my day you ask? Well, today I stuck to my plans!!! YEAH! I only had 2 diet drinks and the rest of the day I had coffee, decaf tea, and water. I stayed within my points and I even planned some more meals for this week and did some advance cooking! I also completed day one of the Couch to 5K training schedule. I do have to say that I may have to repeat week one or I might not live through week two! (I don't understand how someone can LOVE to run! I hope that I can say that one day...but for now, I will just MAKE myself!)

I am so shocked excited that so many of you are interested in taking my challenge to loose some unwanted weight. I half expected my last post to have no comments or only a comment from Amanda! You made my day! I need the accountability of knowing that you are going to ask me about my goals. Now, do we have a plan to help you? YES! I propose a new meme... Tell ALL Tuesday! You will have to write a post to tell us if you lost or gained weight, if you exercised, if you met other healthy goals that you have for yourself. What do you think? Are you still with me now that I have "upped the ante"?


Unknown said...

Good for you! I found the first LONG TIME of the couch to 5k tough, but it really does get better. I'm almost enjoying it now. Of course I haven't been on the treadmill once this week. I'd join you meme...though I kinda already do that anyways.

I'm glad your day went well. Oh ya, I just remembered, apparently caffeine can slow metabolism, so maybe cutting the diet soda will help.

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Hey Natalie, the learn to run program is excellent. However, I am with you on not enjoying running. I don't run because it gives me a headache. I like my eliptical trainer.

But I know many people who have done the couch to 5k successfully so keep going! It's the moving that counts:-)

orneryswife said...

I like your tell all Tuesday idea. I think I might have missed it this week, but I'll try to add it in a couple of weeks after my son is gone, and with him all the temptations to eat his junk food. Ugh!