27 April 2008

First Sleep-over!

Well, this was a first for the Dickey family. We had a child over to sleep in our house and he is not a family member.... AND.... It went GREAT! Kirstyn was so excited to be the official "babysitter" for the youngest Diaz boy...Carter. Carter is 7 months older than James and is just. as. busy. (see "James Norley...NO SIR!"). I just have to say that I am in the best playgroup in the world! Michelle was able to go on this business trip with her husband Day because our playgroup Mommies rallied and took on her boys that we all love very much! Jenn took on Conner (although after reading her post...she may not volunteer again for a while!) and Cooper spent the night at Tracy's. Anyway, all that to say that we had a great day yesterday, a great night last night, and we actually made it to church ON TIME this morning with our two kids and one extra! Here are some pictures from our time with Mr. Carter.
Yesterday was a beautiful day and Kirstyn has been asking to go to the zoo so we put on our brave parent hats and ventured off to the zoo with all three kids. Oh and our neighbor Kristin called me when we were on our way over there to see what we were doing and when I told her we were off to the zoo she decided to go ahead and bring Hannah to meet us there. Kirstyn was very excited to get to see her friend Hannah! Carter was too funny. Every time he spotted an animal he would point and scream. He was always checking to see if James was seeing what he was seeing!

All of the kids had a great time playing in the Children's play barn. Kirstyn and Hannah took off to go down the big slide over and over while the boys made tracks to push buttons! See, the buttons on these animals when pushed make very loud animal sounds which made them laugh. It was too cute and I was shocked how long they stayed in this one area and played!
Here is a picture of Carter experiencing a view he has not seen before. He was so funny. He had a death grip on David's hair but when I asked him if he wanted down, he would tell me NO. Oh and in a very exciting moment for us all, the white tiger was out for us to see. This picture of Kirstyn is of her taking a picture. She wanted to take her camera to the zoo so that she could take pictures of the animals to put on our blog for her friends that didn't get to go to the zoo to see! What a thoughtful little girl! We might work on a post later after we download her camera and see what she got!



Unknown said...

Looks like the kids all had a great time together! I think it's so cool that ya'll each took a Diaz boy!

Guess there won't be a 4th one for me to take next time, huh? ; )

KatBouska said...

Hi I just hopped over via Kami's blog...looks like you had your hands full! Any time my husband and I have an extra kid in the house for a night we ask ourselves if we could add another. I think we're good with three. :)

3 Girls and a Daddy said...

I'm proud you made it with all 3. The only place I dared to go was church and saturday night we went to play at mcdonalds. Since I didn't have Mark I didn't want to do too much with me being out numbered 3 to 1. Zoo looks like fun, I need to take Allie because she hasn't been yet and I think she is just about to get where she would be interested in it.

Nadine said...

Isn't it nice all the kids got along.

What a beautiful white tiger.

Unknown said...

How wonderful that you were able to help out another mom! AND you venture out with him, I bet he LOVED going to the zoo!

Great job!

Stacy said...

Looks like a lot of fun. We had a sleep over on Saturday too. Only the little girl decided that she wanted her mommy around 1 in the morning. I don't think her dad was too thrilled about picking her up in the middle of the night though.