16 April 2008

I want to win a Cupcake Courier

Okay, the ladies over at Mommies United have challenged me again. They want us to write a poem using the word CUPCAKES in order to be entered to win this really great Cupcake Courier. Well, I did, but once you read it you will understand why I got a degree in Computer Science so that I could take the minimum number of Arts classes needed to graduate!!!

Cupcakes! So yummy...
Uh Oh, my next Weight Watcher goal is at risk,
Points too many,
Count these points in my tracker?
Ate all 36 Cupcakes that I could have carried away...
Keep me in the drawing, this can't happen again!
Extra activity points I now need because I
Should have made muffins!

now for some pictures of Kirstyn making low fat and egg free blueberry muffins this morning...

and James doing his own "cooking"!

now I'm off to clean up the mess!!!


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