21 April 2008

Pump It Up

Yesterday we went to a friends' birthday party at Pump It Up. James squealed with excitement when he saw the colorful slides. I was sure that he would only want to do it once...boy was I wrong. David and I took turns climbing these monster slides with him so that he could slide over and over! What a workout!!! Kirstyn was Miss Independent and took off with the big kids and played hard. (The party was for Mackenzee that was turning 7...all of her other guests were her friends from school...Kirstyn is only 4 and was the same size as the other kids and she held her own!) This is a video of James' first slide!
Kirstyn ran for two solid hours and giggled and squealed and screamed and had a blast!


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Kamis Khlopchyk said...

THAT looks like an amazing place! YAHOOOOO!